Have you ever had that feeling that you'd rather not drink and save yourself the hangover? But you really like the feeling of being drunk? Well, drinking is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the ingenious minds of entrepreneurs, we have been blessed with food you can get drunk off of.

Instead of hitting the bars, you can sit at home and get a sweet buzz off of ice cream. I'm not talking about some alcohol-flavored ice cream, either. There is alcohol mixed straight into the batch, so you get the full effect. There are several ice cream parlors around the US that have boozy ice cream, but most are local and/or don't ship nationally.

I made a list of the ones you can order online and get shipped to your door. The law still stands: you must be 21 to buy these infused ice creams. The best part is they have enough alcohol to give you that all too familiar feeling of being drunk.

Mercer's Dairy

If you're a wine enthusiast, this is perfect for you. Mercer's Dairy has over 10 wine-infused flavors from reds to whites to sparkling, all of which contain 5% alcohol. It's a completely owned/operated family business ran by women. You can visit their storefront in Boonville, New York, or you can buy them online here

Tipsy Scoop

As you can see, Tipsy Scoop has a wide variety of liquor-infused ice cream with their own twist on classic cocktails. They have 15 year-round flavors that use whiskey, vodka, bourbon, you name it. And they produce seasonal flavors, like Candy Cane Vodka Martini, for limited amounts of time throughout the year.

One serving alone is equivalent to a light beer. It doesn't stop there. They also have boozy ice cream sandwiches and cakes. If you're feeling extra special, you can customize your pint's exterior by adding your own logo or design for an event. Drop by one of their locations in New York or click here to order online.

Did I mention they have ice cream sandwiches as well?


If you're more of a popsicle person, you'll love this. These ice pops are cocktail-inspired and each one has a full serving of alcohol, like the actual drink. They're made with only top-shelf premium spirits and liquors, and all-natural ingredients. You can buy these online or locate a store that sells them. Click here to check them out. 

There you have it, a delicious way to get drunk without drinking. All of these are perfect for a night of watching movies or binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows. Bonus: you'll never have to pick between dessert or drinks again, especially if you're watching what you eat. Save yourself the calories and just eat your alcohol instead. Be sure to always eat responsibly.