To say that I'm obsessed with Shark Tank is an understatement. I watch the show religiously, just waiting for my million dollar idea to come to mind. And watching the Sharks (Mark Cuban being my favorite) go after the entrepreneurs about their products is definitely my favorite part.

However, I always end up feeling sad for the ones who don't get a deal and then aggressively research what happened to those who did. It's amazing the amount of products that have come on the show and the ideas that people come up with. Even better is when the products themselves are food and drinks. Thanks to the amazing entrepreneurs, we are gifted with some delicious creations. Here is a list of some of the best food and drink products ever seen on Shark Tank, at least, thus far.

1. Beatbox Beverages

Mixed drinks in a bag inside a box shaped like a beatbox—genius. This gives a whole new meaning to "slappin' the bag."

2. The Cookie Dough Cafe

Finally, edible cookie dough you can eat straight out of the jar.

3. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Want a cupcake but are too lazy, can't bake, and/or don't want to make a mess? The solution: cupcakes in a jar. These are shipped straight to your door and are good for up to 10 days without refrigeration. 

4. Bantam Bagels

These babies are mini stuffed bagels with cream cheese filling and come in different styles. After striking a deal with Starbucks, you can now find these at any of their store locations. 

5. Pipcorn

It's exactly like popcorn except that it's miniature, all natural, gluten-free, vegan, and whole grain. The best part is you don't have to worry about it getting stuck in between your teeth, unlike traditional popcorn.

6. Nuts 'n More

These protein-packed, all-natural almond and peanut butter spreads come in a variety of delicious flavors, like Birthday Cake and Salted Caramel.  

7. Fizzics

This fun machine takes your store-bought beer and turns it into a fresh, draft-style tasting beer using sound waves and pure science.

8. Sub Zero Ice Cream

Putting a twist on a classic, this store owner uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream and create custom desserts in minutes. 

9. The Painted Pretzel

From mixed bark to candy bars, they have over 114 different varieties and styles of doing chocolate-covered pretzels. 

10. Loliware

Forget doing dishes, these cups are made of biodegr(edible) material so you can eat them. 

11. Zipz

Don't feel like carrying a bottle around in your bag? Well, there's single-serve packaging for wine, beer, and spirits that are ready to go when you are.

12. Three Jerks Jerky

It started with three jerks who turned ordinary beef jerky into a delicious, refined, and savory jerky using Filet Mignon

13. Ruckpack

A nutritional energy booster created by a US Marine while in Afghanistan that helps with endurance and focus, without the after crash. With no caffeine or synthetic stimulants, you would think it to be pointless. Except that it's been Marine tested and has been proven to work in combat, which means it can work for your battles with all-nighters. 

As more episodes of Shark Tank come out, the more excited and anxious I get to see the next big thing—secretly praying it has to do with food. Until then, these have to be some of the best food and drink products ever seen on Shark Tank. So whenever you get the chance (or money), try something on the list. If the Sharks believe in it, maybe you can too.