I probably don't want to know the amount of times I check Instagram in a day, but I do know that I've followed and unfollowed a lot of food accounts. Some healthy, some not so much, but I've narrowed down a few of my favorites from each so that you can stay up late scrolling through these tasty pictures.

Top 10 "Healthy" Instagram Accounts:

10. @rachaelsgoodeats

If you've ever wanted to master an "omelettata," the combination of an omelet and frittata, then you have found your new favorite Insta. Rachael DeVaux is always being referenced from so many other health food accounts, plus she's a registered dietician so you know you're getting real good-for-you food. 

9. @realfoodology

If you're ever curious about the science behind our food and what it exactly means when something is labeled organic, Courtney Swan has so many helpful tips on where to eat out and how to create simple healthy meals. 

8. @tennishealthfitnes

Danielle knows how to make the best bowls, and guess what, she's only a senior in high school. She manages to come up with the coolest creations that'll keep you full for hours.  

7. @chickpeainthecity

If there's anyone who loves breakfast tacos, it's Addie Martanovic. She has beautiful pictures, as well as tips for an overall healthy lifestyle. She's great at finding local chains that promote healthy eating as well as creating her own recipes. 

6. @dadaeats 

Samah Dada's bio perfectly sums up how I feel about food, because I'm always looking forward to my next meal. She has a great balance of healthy food pictures with the occasional ice cream shot, which, let's be honest, you need in order to stay sane. 

5. @feedyourglow

If anyone knows how to fill their entire bowl up with the best combinations of food, it would have to be Sua Park. She is mostly plant-based, and her creations are amazing. 


A local RVA health foodie, Lex has some awesome food pics but also provides useful tips for eating healthy on the go. Very helpful for a busy college student! 


Welcome to the queen of making smoothie bowls that are almost too good looking to eat. Lee's got some really fun recipes and an overall interesting perspective on healthy eating. 

2. @rachlmansfield

I don't know how she does it, but Rachel Mansfield manages to make these insane creations out of so little ingredients that are actually good for you. Fair warning though, before you scroll through you're going to want to make everything.

1. @shutthekaleup

This account has become my favorite, not only because Jeannette Ogden has some really funny captions and the most adorable baby, but she comes up with so many fun ways to eat healthy, making you wish she could be cooking for you. 

Top 10 "Not So Healthy" Instagram Accounts: 

10. @foodbabyny

If you don't think babies and food isn't the best combination (okay, and maybe puppies), you should probably stop reading this. Based in NYC, this account has some crazy photos of the most drool-worthy food. 

9. @nycdining

This girl knows how to keep it real. Skyler Bouchard runs this account that's filled with the craziest pictures of food. There's really no holding back for any type of creation she can come up with. 

8. @infatuation

This account is one of the most popular due to the fact that it has many different branches for each state or city. If you need suggestions on the best eats in your area look for one of these accounts. P.S. don't forget to ##EEEEEATS to get featured! 

7. @delish

Delish is very relatable to everyone. You'll get caught watching their hundreds of step-by-step videos for hours, like this Harry Potter-inspired butter beer fudge. They also include funny memes that I'm sure we all always think about when it comes to eating our favorite foods. 

6. @thrillist

If you ever want to get featured on this awesome account, all you have to do is put the hashtag #forkyeah and hopefully you'll be lucky enough to be chosen and on your way to Insta food porn fame. 

5. @thenaughtyfork

Based in Miami, this account posts some insane food videos. The slow-motion feature will make you go crazy. 

4. @hungrybetches

This account takes some of the most original and up-close pictures that are re-posted by so many well know food accounts. Plus the title is pretty catchy, ya gotta admit. 

3. @foodintheair

I really think this account is so unique. It obviously features amazing food, but each picture includes the background of where the food was eaten. Some of the photos are really unique and are going to make you want to book a ticket to travel the world and eat delicious noms asap.

2. @new_fork_city

I'm pretty sure this account is followed by so many people, even those who haven't been to New York City. They post a ton of photos from local eats in the city, but they also repost some crazy food concoctions. 

1. @freshmen15

Lastly, If you ever thought you weren't hungry, think again, because this account has some mind blowing pictures. You'll want to gain the freshman 15 after drooling over this account.

#SpoonTip: Obviously I can't forget about one of the best accounts, don't forget to check out @spoonuniversity  and @spoon_richmond for all the best eats and announcements!