Hungry but not feeling the dining hall? Totally get that. Luckily, there are a variety of restaurants nearby that’ll help you get a real bang for your buck.

Bring your Spider Card to these 5 cheap eats to get a student discount-because who doesn’t love saving money? The following local restaurants are less than a ten-minute drive from campus.

1. Café Caturra

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When the panini line just isn’t cutting it, check out Cafe Caturra. Located on Grove Avenue, it’s less than a 10 minute drive from campus and absolutely delicious. The menu features a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches and to make it even better- they offer Richmond students a 10% discount.

 2. Strawberry Street Café

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Bored on a Tuesday night? Luckily, it’s Strawberry Street Cafe’s “college night,” and Richmond students get a 20% discount. They offer a wide variety of food, from soups and sandwiches to southern comfort food. The buttermilk chicken is to die for. Check out the menu here and be sure to show them your Spider Card.

3. Boyer’s Ice Cream and Coffee

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If you love ice cream as much as I do, you’ll be pumped to know that Boyer’s gives Richmond students FREE ice cream. The first time you go, you’ll get a card that is good for one free 4-oz. kiddie cup weekly. There are over 30 flavors of ice cream (the cherry vanilla is on point) and 5 dairy-free flavors to choose from.

Pro Tip: you can mix-and-match different flavors in your free cup.

 4. Sweet Frog

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Because who isn’t a fro-yo fan? Sweet Frog has over 20 flavors that change daily. Their fro-yo is made on the spot here on Libbie Avenue.

You’re free to combine as many flavors as you’d like and fill the rest of your cup up with toppings to your heart’s desire. An added bonus, show them your Richmond ID and get 15% off your purchase.

5. Carytown Cupcakes

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When your sweet tooth is craving cake, check out Carytown Cupcakes. Not only do they serve delicious cupcakes (the pink lemonade cupcake will blow you away), they also have a variety of beers, ciders, and Prosecco.

With new cupcake flavors added to the display weekly, the options are endless. Don’t forget to bring your Spider Card to get 10% off.

 Trying to save money? Look no further: