According to Trump, Hilary is a "nasty woman."

According to me, the election season's end needs to be celebrated, and the following foods look pretty nasty but have potential to taste amazing.

So prep a nasty-looking food party, and have alllll of the alcohol ready to go for your November 9th party.

And please, please, do not forget to vote.

1. Guacamole

vegetable, herb
Lily Lou

Okay, we all love it, but let's be real: it kinda looks like green baby shit with chunks in it. Make yours with this recipe from Chipotle. Cheers. 

2. Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Julia Benson

Looks like lumpy green and white mucous. But is always a favorite. Make it extra nasty-looking with these spinach and artichoke-stuffed mushroom caps: recipe here.

3. Lentil Soup

Sarah Silbiger

Seriously, this looks like cat vom. Make this yummy sweet potato version here.

4. Eggs

sweet, cake, egg, cream, pastry, chocolate
Caty Schnack

Basically chicken menstration that looks like eyeballs. Find out how the best way to pan-fry them here.

5. Hummus

pumpkin, sweet, cream
Parisa Soraya

Love you, but you ain't a gem for the eyes. Make this five minute version here

6. Chili

vegetable, meat
Stephanie Cozza
What is this mess (besides delicious)? Make some chili with this recipe

7. Chia Seed Pudding

milk, cream, yogurt, dairy product, sweet, smoothie
Katherine Baker

Seriously, not the cutest. That orange in the background is a major reach. Sure tastes great though. Recipe for this creamsicle version here.

8. Rissotto

risotto, vegetable, corn, rice, pepper
Aly Sebold

Fancy and delicious as can be, but also looks like a plate of mucous. Get yours here

9. Curry

vegetable, rice, meat, chicken, sauce, risotto, seafood, pepper
Vinita Saggurti

Hot mess express. Find out how to some easy Indian curry here

10. Gravy

parsley, vegetable, rice, meat, pork, herb, beef
Katherine Baker

Seriously, it just looks like diarrhea. Find out how to make a vegan version here.

11. Poutine

poutine, gravy, sauce, waffle
Adeena Zeldin

Gravy looks nasty. So naturally, putting it on fries and adding melty cheese, is also nasty-looking. Make this poutine-pizza hybrid recipe here

12. Jello and Jello Shots

alcohol, liquor, wine, juice, beer, cocktail
Spoon University

Nothing meant to be consumed by human beings should be that neon. Or that jiggly. Get turnt with these rainbow jello shots at your election party. Because, festive. 

13. Bread Pudding

Vinita Saggurti

No no no. Just no. So wrong. Unless you're into it, you should make this cinnamon version.

14. Dumplings

dumpling, gyoza, chicken, meat
Monica Cheng

Dumplings are delish but tbh they look like dead wilting mice wrapped in a snotty tissue. Bless up with these authentic homemade dumplings.

15. Cooked Kale

vegetable, herb, spinach, kale, salad
Alex Weiner

#Kale is amazing, but when you cook it it looks like it got sick and died. You should still make it though. Recipe for this pan-fried garlic version is here.

16. Taco Dip

cream, avocado
Maddy Shannon

So pale and lumpy and layer-y and confused-looking. Kind of like the candidates during the debates this season. Recipe for this 7-layer version here.

17. Enchilada

sauce, cream, burrito
Sofia Gonzalez
Not the most Instagram-able of meals. Make this authentic version here.

18. Casserole 

lasagna, pizza, cheese, casserole, meat
Jennifer Weintraub

There's just no easy way to make casserole look cute. Make this cheesy broccoli one here.

19. Ramen

ramen, soup, vegetable, broth, pasta, egg
Laura Palladino

Seriously looks like decombobulating brains. Upgrade yours with these ramen hacks.