You know you've been waiting for it ever since it started "hatching" last Friday, but the Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte is finally freaking here. Starbucks released the PSL today and every basic girl on the planet is probably hyperventilating rn. Because I know that these babies are gonna be on all of our Insta feeds and Snap stories in the next few weeks, here are some quality photo captions for when you just can't resist posting about your most basic obsession. 

These photo captions will hopefully save you from the later embarrassment that all of my Nashville camera filter bordered Instas from 2013 do now. 

1. "I'm sorry, summer can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead." 

I may or may not be listening to Taylor Swift's new song on repeat until I actually am dead, and it's common knowledge that Taylor loves the PSL.

2. "I know this is basic, but..."

Embrace your most basic tendencies with this self-aware caption. No one can judge you if you lean in to your aesthetic. 

3. "And on September 5, every basic girl started sipping PSLs and talking about how much they love fall."

With this caption, you're acknowledging how ridiculously early this release is and truly lolling at yourself. Bonus points if you can also reference how much we love talking about cuffing season in the fall. 

4. "Fall is coming."

"Game of Thrones" may have already ended, but it's never too late to make a reference to the most popular TV show ever (at least according to my Snapchat). Fall is also so much prettier than winter, tbh. 

5. "It's pumpkin spice szn, betches." 

I know that the phrase "szn" is no longer particularly relevant, but that's 90 percent of the joke. The other 10 percent is the fact that I still say "szn" un-ironically, and I'm still trying to make szn happen. 

6. "You ain't gotta die to get to heaven" - Drake

Using a Drake lyric is always a good move if you can't decide on a caption, and this verse is truly so fitting for pumpkin spice season. 

7. "Gym, Tan, PSL"

Is "Jersey Shore" still a thing? It's supposedly coming out with a reunion season, so I think it's appropriate to make a reference to The Situation's infamous daily routine (with a twist). 

8. "I'll have a trenta, no foam, five-shot, half-caff, no foam, pumpkin spice latte, w/ no foam at 210 DEGREES!"

Emma Roberts kills it in "Scream Queens" with this iconic quote, and it truly embodies the most aggressive customer you've seen at your local Starbucks. 

9. "Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice" 

I mainly get excited about fall because it means that Christmas is coming, and you can find out who of your friends agree with this holiday-inspired caption. 

10. "My tan is fading as I sip." 

If your tan has not yet faded, one, I am so jealous, and two, it's gonna fade so soon. Embracing the fall vibez will only accelerate the process.

11. "My blood type is Pumpkin Spice."

I don't actually know my blood type (should I be concerned? lmk), so this statement may actually be true. 

12. "If you didn't know, then now you do #basic."

Self-identify yourself as a basic queen for anyone that didn't already know. I don't know who wouldn't know after your bikini pics with the caption "The tan may fade but the memories last forever," but sometimes ya gotta spell it out for people. 

13. "24 Hour PSL Diet"

Another great Drake reference. But please, don't actually participate in this diet. You will be shaking beyond belief, and I think that you might actually get sick of pumpkin spice.  

14. "I love this drink more than Kanye loves Kanye."

This caption is probably false because I think Kayne's love for himself trumps all else, but it's relevant af with the recent Taylor drama. 

15. "You already know what's in this cup." 

If your PSL allegiance is already heavily documented on social media, this caption is perfect. It also shows some self-reflection on your life choices.

16. "I am who I am #PSL." 

You took an Intro to Philosophy class last semester, and now you're a mini Aristotle. It's a pretty simple caption, but it'll make at least one of your friends/yourself lol.  

17. [No caption]. 

Be bold. Be coy. No one will know what's in your cup. Think about how many people will be commenting on your post begging to find out what you're drinking (though in reality, your mom will probably be the only one that cares). 

So there you have it, biddies. These photo captions are perfect for the next time you order your PSL, which will hopefully be today because they are officially out.