Put away your white jeans and pull out your Uggs, the PSL is coming. Unfortunately, it's still unclear exactly when, but you can watch it happen live. Starting this morning (around 11 am), the Starbucks Facebook page began hosting a Facebook live for what they're calling the "PSL Pumpkin Hatch." Yes, it's bizarre.

At first, the screen showed only a stall (like one you'd see farm animals in) filled with hay and a nest. People started commenting "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" and seriously Starbs, we want to know.

Little by little, more things started to appear in the stall: a small plant, a clock, a coffee mug, a pumpkin. Someone came out and even tried to "feed" the pumpkin a whipped cream topping sprinkled with spices... And then there were kittens! You can keep watching for yourself. 

If you can't tell, the hype is real. It’s been driving me crazy all day watching this PSL hatch. This is some good marketing. It's like the time when April the giraffe gave birth with 1.2M people watching via Facebook live. Although this is slightly less miraculous, it does seem to also be bringing people together via social media in the comments section.

People's comments continue to range from confused to excited to encouraging, to straight up mad thinking that Starbucks is trolling them. I can't help by imagine the Starbucks people laughing behind the scenes like, "Let's throw another mug in there!"

But what drove me really crazy was that people also started commenting "756," and I didn't get it, until maybe now. The number 756 is rumored to be either the secret code for getting a PSL early, simply the letters PSL upside down, or the time the PSL would "hatch." My guess is on the third rumor, since the clock is also set to 7:56 and later a sign was placed next to the nest reading, "Join Us at 7:56 Eastern Mountain Pumpkin Time for a Special Surprise." Seriously, though, "mountain pumpkin time" means nothing to me, and I can no longer assume anything — a pumpkin spice latte is freaking hatching. 

Unfortunately, like the giraffe, an inside source tells me that this will be a multi-day live stream, which means we might not get to see this PSL come to life for a few days. Another insider says the actual PSL is coming to stores Tuesday, September 5, as many others have speculated. Some people in the comments and on Insta are saying that they even got a PSL today! But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (literally). This is not how I planned to spend my Labor Day Weekend.

#SpoonTip: The hype is real. But if you're a little confused as to where and when this PSL phenomenon started, you might be surprised to learn that it wasn't when a basic betch decided to make even her coffee "taste fall." The history is a little more complicated (and a little more interesting), but you can read about it here.