The start of fall is officially not until the middle of September, but everyone knows that it really starts with the release of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Nothing screams basic and fall more than spiced espresso and whipped cream, and it looks like we might be getting some of that goodness at the end of this week. Here are all the deets on this year's potential Pumpkin Spice Latte release date, because you know you need this drink back in your life. 

The Smoking Gun

So apparently the PSL has it's own Twitter account, and I'm going to ignore the fact that a latte has more followers than me to discuss this important shit. While this account clearly has a mind of it's own, this tweet is telling. Nothing is confirmed, but I'm pretty damn sure that we are getting the PSL in the next week or so. 

The official Starbucks Twitter account has been silent about the release of the PSL, but the PSL account is run by Starbucks and is verified, so it provides trustworthy intel. Additionally, there is some controversy on whether the drink will be released on September 1 or 5.

A Starbucks in Ogden, Utah posted the above picture onto Instagram yesterday. This countdown suggests that the drink is coming out September 1, which is when the big announcement is coming out on Facebook. A Starbucks in Citrus Heights, California also posted to their Instagram to announce the PSL's arrival this Friday. 

However, a Washington-based Starbucks captioned this pic, "Guess who's back...back again...pumpkin's back...bring a friend! Coming September 5th!" So basically, not even your local Starbucks can determine when this drink is coming out. 

Gettin Shook

I genuinely believe that people are more freaked out about this drink than Taylor Swift's new song. Literally, look at what you made them (i.e. every basic betch) do, Starbz. 

Many are forgoing fall hibernation for some spicy vibes. 

Personally, I'd be okay if we skipped straight to Christmas, but I guess PSL Day is also a holiday.

My body is so freaking ready.

And on the eighth day, God invented the PSL. 

How To Get Your PSL On

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Katherine Baker

Although we're feeling like the PSL is coming out by the end of the week, basically, you're gonna need to stalk on the Starbucks Facebook account all day on Friday until they make the big announcement. It's annoying, yes, but Starbucks clearly wants us to get hyped for the ~official beverage of fall~.

If you can't wait until Friday to get your hands on the PSL, you can always try making your own or get some of the Starbucks pumpkin spice products at the grocery store.