Taylor Swift has spent the last week confusing us all by wiping clean her social media and then posting a snake video (#tbt to the snake drama with Kimye), and I'm embarrassingly obsessed with all the conspiracy theories. It's probably because I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift in general and am dying to see her live for the fourth time (yep, I'm crazy). 

I found out recently that I used to go to her SoulCycle studio, and while I sadly never saw her there, it got me thinking about what Tay-Tay eats to stay fit af. So here it is; this is Taylor Swift's diet. 

Starting the Day Right

Emily Hauben

Staying true to her "Tim McGraw" roots, Taylor Swift whips up some typical southern comfort food for breakfast while she's on tour. She starts the day with some eggs, biscuits, and sausage, which truly sounds like heaven. 

When Swift is not on tour, she classes up her breakfast with some buckwheat crepes, ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg.

Calling All My Starbucks Lovers

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Shelby Cohron

Swift can't survive without her daily coffee run, and she has never been more relatable. 

In an interview with WebMD, Swift said that she will "never cut out what [she] loves, which is Starbucks."

On weekdays, Tay sticks to a Skinny Vanilla Latte, but she explores the menu with a PSL on weekends. And yes, both of these drinks make her basic af.

Hydration is a Major Key

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Jocelyn Hsu

Because Swift is genuinely a flawless human that probably actually flosses twice a day, she tries to keep her dressing room stocked with water. She cops to drinking at least 10 bottles a day... yeah, same. 

I appreciate that the whole #squad doesn't seem to follow the same hydration rules. Taylor has admitted that she "drink[s] so much water [that her] friends call [her] an alien." 

A Weekday/Weekend Balance

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Taylor Treadway

During the week, Swift relies on yogurt, salad, and healthy sandwiches for sustenance, but she gives herself some more leeway on the weekends. Most of her weekend foods involve baked goods and lattes, which I gotta say, same. 

A Fully Stocked Fridge

coffee, beer, tea
Collette Block

Taylor Swift is a planner obvi (I mean, she encodes each of her albums with secret messages, and that takes time to craft), so you know she goes to the grocery store with a set list. If you wanna shop like T-Swizzle, get some eggs, thinly sliced deli meat (either chicken or turkey), orange juice, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. 

Feel free to also get some Diet Coke. (She says, "It understands me.") And get some cinnamon rolls or cookie dough, because Swift is addicted to both. 

Baking Like a Badass Bitch

If Taylor Swift had not deleted all of her Insta, I could've probably linked at least 30 various baking pics, but this cake pic from Lily Aldridge proves the point. She is addicted to baking for friends, family, and fans, especially during the winter

Some of her fave goods to prepare include pumpkin bread, ginger-molasses cookies, chai sugar cookies, and chocolate cake. 

She's Just Gonna Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake

As I previously mentioned, Taylor Swift has been spotted at my SoulCycle studio in the past, but it's not the only workout she frequents. She also commits to a daily hour on the treadmill and has often been seen at ModelFit in NYC

She attributes her motivation to exercise behind a desire to "keep up [her] endurance so [she's] not panting on stage," rather than to be "skinny," which I respect 100 percent. I basically only go to SoulCycle so that I can climb up my office stairs without dying when the elevator is broken. 

Tbh, her diet doesn't sound to hard to copy. I'll just keep going to Starbucks and start chugging waters. But don't worry, I know that I'm never going to be Taylor Swift, but if I eat and work out like her, I might be able to relate to her in more ways than just sad-crying to "All Too Well."