Since the beginning of May, Oreo lovers from all over the world have been submitting their crazy Oreo flavors on social media using the hashtag MyOreoCreation.  At the end of the contest, Oreo is going to pick one flavor to produce and give the winner $500,000.

Oreo has had a history of coming up with some pretty outrageous flavors in the past. So far, participants have done nothing less than suggest the wildest Oreo flavors imaginable. 

And if this article leaves you feeling inspired there's still time to enter – the contest ends on July 14.  

1. "Banilla" Flavored Oreo

"Banilla" is #MyOreoCreation suggestion from Instagram. The flavor consists of, you guessed it, banana and vanilla flavors.  Definitely going to give points on the creative name.

2. "Sunset Sangria" Flavored Oreo

Now this flavor is definitely outrageous.  Sure, sangria is great and Oreos are even better.  But combining the two together, I'm not completely sold on it.  Sangria slushy with Oreos on the side, please.

3. Honey Parmesan Flavored Oreo

Okay, so I have a confession: I've never eaten cheese.  I know nothing about cheese, so I can't really comment on this one. I instinctively want to say "gross", but I can't judge.  So final verdict on "Honey Parmesan Oreos"? No comment.

4. Twixeos 

The name is a bit of a mouth full, but the concept behind this is phenomenal.  Here at Spoon, we've seen Twix and Kit-Kat hybrids before.  But an Oreo and Twix hybrid sounds even better.

5. Cannoli Oreos

I'm a huge fan of modern takes on the classic cannoli.  So cannoli filling sandwiched between two golden Oreos with either chocolate chips or pistachios is no exception.

6. "The Elvis" Flavored Oreo

It's no secret that peanut butter and Oreos go together almost as well as peanut butter and bananas.  Put all of these together with a bit of honey, and you have a strong contender in the #MyOreoCreation contest, in my opinion. 

7. Chili Mocha Flavored Oreo

Spicy and sweet, the "chili mocha" flavored Oreo is certainly unique.  One cookie is spicy with a chili and dark chocolate cookie, while the creator suggested leaving the second cookie to be Oreo's famous traditional cookie. I'm extremely curious to see how this one would taste.

8. Strawberry and Cucumber Flavored Oreo

While strawberries and cucumbers taste great in detox water, I'm not sure how they'd taste inside an Oreo.  The cucumber's taste would be pretty mild, I'd fear that it would be overpowered by the strawberry and chocolate taste of the Oreo. 

9. Oatmeal Flavored Oreos

Do oatmeal flavored Oreos mean it's acceptable to eat Oreos for breakfast?  If so, I think we have a winner.

10.  Potato Chip

Lay's potato chips are famous for their crazy flavors, thanks to their Chip Challenge contest (which, I assume, Oreo drew inspiration from).  Why not combine the two brands with a potato chip flavored Oreo?

11. Peanut Butter Pretzel Flavored Oreos

Instagram user Packagedirections describes their crazy Oreo flavor as "chocolate cookie on one side, peanut butter creme filling and salty pretzel on the other." Removing one of the classic cookies and replacing it with a pretzel is very creative.

12. Salt and Lime Flavored Oreos

I wonder if these would be good with some tequila.

13. Cheeseburger Flavored Oreos

This is definitely among one of the more crazy Oreo flavor submissions.  Made with ground beef? I'll stick to a burger on the grill.

14. Buttered Popcorn Flavored Oreo

This flavor submission suggests "buttered flavored popcorn cream" sandwiched between two golden Oreos. Another salty and sweet flavor combination. 

15. "Sweet Kernel Cornbread" Flavored Oreo

This #MyOreoCreation contestant proposes an Oreo that tastes just like cornbread.  This one sounds perfect for fall.

16. Ube Flavored Oreo

If you haven't heard of Ube, you've probably seen it on your Instagram feeds.  Ube is a purple colored yam typically used in Filipino desserts.  This one is definitely one of the trendier contenders.

17. Frosted Sugar Cookie Flavored Oreo

This entry is a combination of, in my opinion, the two greatest cookies in the word: those frosted sugar cookies and the Oreo.  If this one won, I'd be a real game changer.

Regardless of which flavor wins the #MyOreoCreation contest, I can bet that it's going to be a crazy Oreo flavor – I wouldn't expect anything less.  If you're still interested in entering, you have until July 14th.  So let your Oreo-loving hearts run wild.