Ed Sheeran's latest masterpiece has a song that fits just about every summer scenario, from screaming "Castle On The Hill" while running through Cinque Terre or playing "Shape Of You" at Miami poolsides. 

If, like me, you a) have been playing his album on repeat all summer and b) associate food with just about everything, here's a fun list of stuff to enjoy while listening to each of Ed Sheeran's beautiful tracks. That way, you can get both foodgasms and eargasms.  

1. "Eraser": Summer Bitter 

My Staple Summer Cocktail Recipe: Campari & IPA Spritzer

on Kitchn

Not gonna lie, this was the most difficult track to pair with food. I picked this specific cocktail because it seemed to go well with the song's introspective yet slightly bitter vibe. The drink's fruity taste will keep you in your summer mood, the mint will make sure you stay cool, and the hard alcohol will serve as your own "pain eraser." 

2. "Castle On The Hill": Nutella Mug Cake

A song about nostalgia and looking back on one's youth calls for the most childish of snacks using every 2000s kid's favorite ingredient: Nutella. Dig into this iconic recipe and let your tastebuds take you back to when finals, jobs, and rent were merely a speck on your colorful horizon. 

3. "Dive": Muffin Pan Deep-Dish Pizza

Muffin-Pan Deep-Dish Pizzas: No Deep Commitment Required

on Kitchn

This is one of those beautiful, heart-wrenching songs that makes anyone who is even remotely emotionally unstable say "pass the f*cking carbs." So what better comfort food than deep-dish pizza bites to help you ugly cry through Ed's crackling ballad? 

4. "Shape Of You": Strawberry Shortcake Mimosa

Strawberry Shortcake Mimosa - Crazy for Crust

on Crazy for Crust

There can be little other than alcohol that goes with a song that is as carefree yet sexual as "Shape Of You." Down this fruity, refreshing cocktail that is perfect for either dancing alone in your room or gyrating at a pool party. 

5. "Perfect": Slutty Brownies

chocolate, candy, sweet, brownie, cream, goody, fudge, cake, milk
Meredith Ross

Despite the irony of the contrasting names, slutty brownies are the absolute "perfect" snack to feast on while listening to Ed's saccharine anthem. Whether you're one of those gross couples that spoon-feeds each other dessert, or whether you're lonely and crying to this song on the couch, slutty brownies will be your perfect companion. 

6. "Galway Girl": Boozy Frozen Hot Chocolate

coffee, milk, cappuccino, cream, chocolate, espresso, hot chocolate, mocha, sweet
Alex Kaneshiro

This drink will capture both the happy-go-lucky mood and the underlying promiscuity of one of the album's most #iconic tracks. So down a mug and jump up and dance, and feel like you're Saoirse Ronan with her adorable blonde bob and carefree smile. 

7. "Happier": Cookie Dough 

chocolate, sweet
Malia Budd

This song is one of the album's most heartbreaking tracks, and if you're listening to it on repeat, chances are your emotions aren't doing so well. I find that chowing down on (edible) cookie dough instantly lightens the mood, and though it may not make things completely better, it will temporarily fill the emptiness inside you. 

NOTE: If you're emotionally vulnerable, please skip the alcohol on this track. Don't go there. Don't do it to yourself.

8. "New Man": Sour Cream & Onion Pringles

sweet, juice
Lara Schwieger

In an ode to Ed Sheeran's savage lyrics, eat good old-fashioned crisps and laugh at the basic betches eating kale like it's crack. Stuffing these in your face will serve as a giant metaphorical "f*ck you" to the kale-eating girl/guy who broke your heart and her/his new Ken/Barbie doll.

Because, goddamit, even if you didn't look like something on the cover of Douchebag Weekly, you were good enough. 

9. "Hearts Don't Break Around Here": Frozen Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon Slice Popsicles | how to make healthy popsicles

McKel Hill on Nutrition Stripped

Ed Sheeran's soft voice and the mellow music set chill, positive summer vibes. So whether you're lounging by the pool or laying around in bed all day, snack on these frozen treats that are just as sweet and airy as this gentle ballad. 

If you're alcohol-inclined, there is a delicious recipe variation that makes these frozen treats with lime and tequila.

10. "What Do I Know?": Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Banana Quesadillas

Peanut Butter, Strawberry, & Banana Quesadillas | Ambitious Kitchen

Monique on Ambitious Kitchen

This cheerful, optimistic tune gives me serious "Banana Pancakes" and " Don't Worry Be Happy" vibes, and is the track I play as I dance around the kitchen and make intricate snacks to fill the summer afternoons.  

The sweet mix of flavors of the recipe above are sure to make your tastebuds tingle, and if you're with friends and/or family you can make this snack together and feel like you're in a cheesy movie montage with Ed's happy guitar playing over your life. 

11. "How Would You Feel": Frozen Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

smoothie, sweet, juice
Christin Urso

Relaxing, smooth and chilled green tea is the ideal match for a ballad in which Ed takes you away with his soothing vocals and affectionate lyrics. Listening to this song first thing in the morning lulls one into a peaceful mood, while the frozen matcha smoothie makes for a healthy and subtle energy boost.

12. "Supermarket Flowers": DIY Fruit Tea

4 Ways to Make Fruit Infused Tea

Gwen Watson on Food for Thought

This is undoubtedly the most tear-inducing track on the album. There's not much one feels like eating or drinking when lying in bed sobbing, but whenever I'm down I feel that drinking warm, sweet tea makes me feel just a little bit better. 

If you miss drinking tea with a loved one you won't be seeing again, let the warmth of the sweet drink envelop and comfort you, and let Ed's voice take you away. 

13. "Barcelona": Sangria 

alcohol, cocktail, wine, ice, juice, sweet, champagne
Susanna Mostaghim

In this dance-inducing tune, Ed himself advocates for drinking fruity Sangrias to make one feel as if they were dancing in the buzzing summer streets of Barcelona. Just try to make the concoction yourself, instead of buying the ready-made stuff in a box. 

14. "Bibia Be Ye Ye": Kelewele

Kelewele Recipe (Ghana - Spicy Fried Plantains) - Demand Africa

on Demand Africa

Partially sang in Twi, a national Ghanian dialect, "Bibia Be Ye Ye" sends listeners on another cultural journey. So why not munch on kelewele, a traditional Ghanian snack? Fried plantains seasoned with various spices will spark up your summer, and adventurous cooking goes well with the song's easygoing beat. 

15. "Nancy Mulligan": Irish Porter Cake

Irish Porter Cake Recipe | St. Patrick's Day Cake | frugalfeeding

frugalfeeding on frugalfeeding | Low Budget Family Recipes, UK Food Blog

It's only fitting to eat a traditional Irish dish while listening to a song infused with Irish pop roots. Irish Porter Cake isn't your typical fruitcake - it's loaded with Guinness, meaning that you can enjoy sips of the alcohol while preparing the dessert, and then again while biting into the finished cake's warm softness.

It takes 15 minutes to prepare, so not much effort needed!

16. Save Myself: Hummus

hummus, cream, vegetable, sweet, bread
Paige Twombly

Hummus may initially seem like an odd choice, but "Save Myself" is a track I listen to when I'm down and my first instinct is to eat nonstop. The 15 variations of hummus in the link above provide a delicious yet healthy comfort food for any sweet/salty cravings.

That way, you can spoon hummus out of the bowl for the duration of the song without feeling bloated and icky. 

So, while listening to this 21st-Century genius' album on repeat, treat the foodie in you. Crank up the volume and lose yourself in the music, whether that be through chilling or busting an awkward move. Because, no matter where you are or what you do, food and music are capable of making everything tons more fun.