A lot of us go without checking labels on our food. Which the causes a lot of us to miss the four words "high fructose corn syrup." Unfortunately, there are foods with corn syrup sneaking into your cupboards each grocery run. 

According to the Corn Refiners Association, high fructose corn syrup, HFCS, is "a sweetener made from corn" and is "composed of either 42 percent or 55 percent fructose, with the remaining sugars being primarily glucose and higher sugars." It's important to know exactly what you're putting into your body, so here is a list of foods with corn syrup that you might have not known about:

1. Applesauce

apple, jam, dairy product, sweet
Felice Segall

Mott's Applesauce is labeled as a "healthy treat" and claims it's an "excellent source of Vitamin C," but contains HFCS as its second ingredient, while Vitamin C is the last ingredient listed. Be on the lookout when applesauce shopping, and maybe opt for a homemade option instead.

2. Bread

pastry, cereal, butter, sweet, toast, bread, wheat
Christin Urso

Weirdly enough, some breads contain HFCS, even the ones that appear healthier by saying "whole grain." Wonderbread has the corn syrup listed as the fourth ingredient.

3. Crackers

Kate Foody

While crackers are used mostly for snacking purposes, they haven't really been known for any health benefits. However, to add flames to the fire, some crackers contain HFCS, Keebler Club Crackers being one of them.

4. Cranberry sauce

compote, cranberry sauce, gelatin, marmalade, berry, sweet, jam
Helena Lin

Cranberry sauce is a treat commonly found at most holidays, and while cranberries are known for their health benefits, some store bought cranberry sauces have HFCS. Ocean Spray is one of those brands, listing HFCS as its second ingredient. 

5. Frozen Pizza

sausage, salami, dough, tomato, cheese, frozen pizza, pepperoni, pizza
Meghan Flynn

Frozen pizza is the easiest cop-out when planning dinner. However, some of those frozen meals might contain the infamous HFCS. Stouffer's pizza being one of them.

6. Ketchup

sauce, hot sauce, pepper, chili, beer, tomato, condiment, ketchup
Maria Xu

The common thought is that ketchup is healthy because it's made out of tomato's, right? Unfortunately, no. The common condiment is filled with many ingredients, HFCS being one of them. The oh-so popular Hienz brand sadly contains HFCS and lists it as the third ingredient. 

7. Lunch Meat

vegetable, toast, meat, cheese, tomato, sandwich, bread
Jocelyn Hsu

Many packaged lunch meats are high processed and contain additives that can be harmful. What to look out for is the deli meats with the coating of sauce on top. There's a good chance that the coatings have HFCS in them. 

8. Mac and Cheese

macaroni, pasta, spaghetti, cheese, cheddar, sauce, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

A fan favorite at any age. However, the convenience of the microwaveable luxury comes at a price of another food with corn syrup. Kraft Easy Mac being guilty of containing the ingredient.

9. Nutrition Bars

Rachel Hartman

Nutrition bars are thought to contain something nutritious for the body. Although, could the ingredients be doing more harm than good? There are a handful of nutrition bars that contain HFCS, while Balance Bars contains high maltose corn syrup. Maltose is a form of glucose, and in excess can be bad for you (just like anything else). 

10. Peanut butter

chocolate, butter, peanut, peanut butter
Jocelyn Hsu

With the choices of crunchy or smooth, peanut butter is a godsend. However, some brands, such as Smuckers contains HFCS. More than likely, you will find HFCS in peanut butters mixed with preserved jelly.

11. Pickles

vegetable, sweet
Christin Urso

The vinegary sweetness of pickles are irresistible. However ,most brands contain HFCS, Mt. Olives being an example. Don't fret, adventure out and make your own

12. Relish

Kelsey Coughlin

The sweet tang of relish is often followed by the harmful HFCS. Most brands will contain the corn syrup ingredient, for example, Vlasic's Sweet Relish. So, it's important to be aware and pay close attention to the label.

13. Salad dressing

vegetable, salad
Jenny Georgieva

Salads are meant to be healthy, but sometimes the dressings you add on top can counteract the health factor, especially if the dressing you're using contains HFCS. The popular brand Kraft has a handful of dressings that contain corn syrup.

14. Steak Sauce

rosemary, garlic, steak
Eddie Ngai

Be sure not to taint the juiciness of your steak with a sauce that contains corn syrup, for example A1 Steak Sauce. Maybe shoot for the clone version, and make it yourself.

15. Tea

lime, alcohol, juice, lemon, sweet, ice, cocktail, mint
Caroline LeGates

Brisk, the crisp and refreshing tea is guilty of containing HFCS, and has it listed as the second ingredient, right after water. Opt for brewing your own tea, containing only the ingredients you're aware of.

Most of the time, high fructose corn syrup is found in junk foods, and contains unusual chemicals, and is also known to lead to fatty liver disease, which is one of the most common diseases in America. While most brands have stepped away from high fructose corn syrup, not all of them have. It's important that while shopping you're keeping an eye out for the silent foods with corn syrup.