Agreeing on a restaurant with friends is tough. When your friends have dietary restrictions it's downright impossible. Here are 15 emotions people experience when eating out with an allergy. 

Ellen Gibbs

1. "Want to get Thai? Or Chinese?"

2. "Oh I always forget you can't eat there!" 

3. "Wait you can't eat at Chick-Fil-A??????" 

4. "Or Five Guys???? Since when??"

5. *When you finally agree on a restaurant*

6. *Looking at the menu* 

7. *Knowing its going to take forever for you to order* 

8. Apologizing to the waiter for all the questions you're about to ask

9. Going back to your go-to order even after asking all the questions

10. *The look on your friends faces while you're ordering*

11. Feeling guilty that ordering took so long

12. *Waiting for the food* 

13. *Not even bothering to look at the desert menu*

14. Trying to figure out how much to tip because you know you were difficult 

15. *When you leave full and happy*