Instagram accounts that post #foodporn come in a variety of forms. Some focus on delicious eats from a certain location, others on only healthy, or unhealthy, foods. And then there are those Instagram accounts that get really specific. Some only post cupcakes, others only donuts. The cheese-obsessed can find Instagram accounts dedicated to their favorite form of dairy. 

I guess it's only natural that several Instagram accounts have popped up highlighting everyone's favorite sweet ingredient, chocolate. From ice cream to truffles to cakes to mousse, there's plenty of variety in chocolate #foodporn to make for an entertaining Instagram feed. 

If you're looking for the best of the best pictures to feast your eyes on, check out these chocolate Instagram accounts. Just be sure you don't have a bar of chocolate too close, because you won't be able to resist eating the whole thing after looking through these photos. 

1. @thefeedfeed.chocolate

I was a longtime follower of @thefeedfeed before I discovered this gem. The picture and recipe quality is just as high as the original Instagram account, but following this one will guarantee you a little extra dose of chocolate.

2. @davidhchow

David Chow is a pastry chef and chocolatier based in Toronto, Canada. His feed is always full of chocolate truffles that are pretty enough to be works of art, but that would never keep me from eating them if I got my hands on one. 

3. @chocolateloversclub

Don't fear, this club isn't exclusive. Anyone can follow the account, run by a chocoholic named Christina, for reposted pictures and videos of the good stuff. Stay tuned for her new blog to launch, HawtChocolate

4. @cake_cookies_chocolate

Although chocolate comes last in the name of this dessert-themed Instagram account, nearly every video has chocolate front and center. The owner is based in Sydney, Australia, but reposts content from everywhere, which means you might get lucky enough to have your own chocolate concoction reposted on her account.

5. @lindt_chocolate

I guess that any chocolate company's Instagram is a good place to look for delicious content, but Lindt takes it to a different level. Their feed is full of not only your favorite truffles, but also lots of chocolate recipe ideas using every one of their chocolate products. 

6. @ghirardelli

Similar to Lindt, the Ghirardelli Instagram is a great destination for recipes and professional pictures of those little addictive squares of goodness. They repost pictures featuring their chocolate from the community, so tag your pictures for a chance to be featured. 

7. @maxbrennerusa

All I have to say after discovering and following this chocolatey, dessert porn-filled Instagram is that I would be in deep trouble if I lived in New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. Even so, I'm secretly wishing a Max Brenner opens near me. Until then, I'll just keep scrolling and drooling over the chocolate-centric menu. Every menu item contains chocolate in some form (even the entrees!) and it's supposed to be an incredible dining experience. 

8. @chocolate_videos

In my opinion, there's nothing more satisfying than watching a video of oozing melted chocolate. I can do it over and over without getting bored thanks to this account. The only drawback is they post chocolate chip cookie cartoons between every chocolate video. 

9. @jacquestorres

Yes, this is the Instagram account for the Jacques Torres, master pastry chef, chocolatier, and CEO of Jacques Torres Chocolate. With all those titles, I'm sure you have high expectations for his account. You won't be disappointed in his high-quality, artsy approach to dessert photography. 

10. @all.things.chocolate

If you're looking for a chocolate Instagram account to follow that's going to literally fill your feed with #chocolateporn, this is it. They post several high-quality pictures of chocolate desserts every day, from cakes to shakes to pancakes. 

11. @dessert__lover

If you ask me, this account has it right in implying that dessert is only dessert if it includes some form of chocolate. Everything is reposted, so shoot them a message and cross your fingers that your picture is featured.

12. @chocolate.everyday

The name of this account, run by a Spanish chocoholic, is a bit of a misnomer. While they don't post everyday, what does make it on their feed is always high quality and, of course, full of chocolate. 

13. @chocolatecakelovers

The name is, again, a misnomer. You don't have to dedicate yourself to a feed full of only chocolate cake if you follow them. Instead, you'll get a variety of videos featuring chocolatey creations with bougie background music. 

14. @kaleandchocolate

After so many intensely chocolate feeds, I thought I'd close out this roundup with a couple of accounts that celebrate a #balanced diet

Run by eating psychology and nutrition expert, Elise Museles, this account inspires followers to nourish their bodies and minds. In practice, that means healthy recipes for the body and indulgent chocolate for the heart. 

15. @chocolatecoveredkatie

If kale is too big of a leap into healthy for you, Katie's feed may be a happy medium. Her account features healthy vegan recipes that you can rely on to almost always be heavy-handed with the chocolate. I know "healthy vegan recipes" might not appeal to some of you, but Katie runs one of the most popular healthy dessert blogs, so know that she's not messing around with her chocolate treats. 

As a firm believer that you can never have too much chocolate, I could list even more chocolate Instagram accounts, but I'm going to end there. Hopefully your feed is now filled with enough chocolate to last you a lifetime. If not, you can always try making your own boozy chocolate desserts