Cupcakes are just a smaller (and more delicious) version of cake. But there are so many pros to cupcakes — they're easier to take on the go, easier to store, and in my opinion, prettier to look at. If you agree, then cupcake Instagram accounts are calling your name. 

For whatever problem you've got, cupcakes are always the answer, and Instagram can provide you with endless amounts of inspiration. Check out these cupcake Instagram accounts and either head to the shop or make your own. 

1. @georgetowncupcake

It's kind of hard not to turn directly toward a cupcake bakery to get your fix. Of course, you know Georgetown Bakery is the same bakery behind TLC's "DC Cupcakes" show from a couple of years ago, so you know they're good. And on Instagram, each and every picture is dedicated to showing off their beautifully decorated cupcakes. 

2. @cupcakegrid

Do you like cupcakes that are decorated in different themes? Look no further, because this is the 'gram account for you. It's run by Love Food, a group dedicated to all types of #foodporn. Whether it's fancy flowers or cupcakes that look like turtles, you won't want to pass this up on your Instagram feed. 

3. @karleeskupcakes

Karlee's Kupcakes is a bakery in Australia that's so popular, it's Insta bio says that they're booked until October! So if you can't pick up a cupcake there, you'll have to at least check out their Instagram account. They know what they're doing (just don't mind some of the cake pictures that pop up). 

4. @chattycupcakes

You're lying to yourself if you don't want cupcakes with doughnuts on top. Maybe you can't eat them, but they'll be something good to look at while you're scrolling through your 'gram. However, if you live in Pittsburgh, PA (where this bakery is based), you might have a shot of getting your hands on one of these. The ChattyCupcake even has an automated cupcake machine, for beautiful cupcakes that are really on-the-go. 

5. @colossalcupcakes

A cupcake that looks like an ice cream sundae? Don't mind if I do! This one is actually a hot fudge sundae-flavored cupcake — yum! Colossal Cupcakes (a shop in Cleveland, OH) makes 50 different flavored cupcakes and milkshakes, amongst other desserts.  

6. @cupcakecentral

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes — that's pretty much what this Instagram account is all about. Sometimes it's better to look at cupcakes than actually eat them. Ha! Just kidding. Maybe. But you can at least get some inspo here for making your own, and when you do, be sure to post it to Instagram and tag @cupcakecentral for a chance to be featured on their page. 

7. @thecupcakequeens

Australia knows how to do cupcakes, and The Cupcake Queens bakery out of Melbourne is no exception. This cake looks like a giant cupcake and I've never seen anything more beautiful. Their account showcases cupcakes, cakes and cakes that look like cupcakes, and each is more beautiful than the next. If you aren't able to snag a plane ticket, you can make your own giant cupcake. 

No matter what kind of cupcakes you're into, whether it's simple flower designs or over-the-top unicorn decorations, these cupcake Instagram accounts have it all. Satisfy your cupcake craving by following them and maybe trying some of them out. You never know, they might inspire you to bake your own batch of cupcakes.