As the end of spring semester approaches, we are all craving a little bit of home. This list of unforgettable foods will bring back memories of being a little kid sitting at the cafeteria table. There was nothing better than the amazing feeling of opening your lunch box to a yummy snack and bragging about it to all your friends. Remember these?

1. Dino Nuggets


Photo by Mary Woestehof

Not just any chicken nuggets, but dino nuggets. There’s a difference.

2. Fruit Roll-Ups


Photo by Kevin Rodriguez

If your mom bought the ones with the tongue tattoos, you were the coolest kid in school. Make your own with this recipe.

3. Dunkaroos


Photo courtesy of @dunkaroosofficial on Instagram

A rare commodity at the lunch table, but of course an invaluable trading option. Check out this recipe to make your own Dunkaroo treat.

4. Trix Yogurt


Photo courtesy of @sarahdelarosa5 on Instagram

“Silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids” is no lie.

5. Cosmic Brownies


Photo courtesy of @littledebbiessnackcakes on Instagram

Better than any brownie you’ve ever had-just because. Learn how to recreate these.

6. Bagel Bites


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What could be better than a bagel and pizza in one? Coming home to these in the oven was the best thing ever.

7. Gushers


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You know you always secretly wanted your head to turn into a fruit.

8. Push-Up Ice Cream


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You could always count on the ice cream man to be the bearer of these messy delicacies.

9. Lunchables

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You were the coolest kid on the playground when you brought this for lunch. Even though the ingredients are probably questionable, everybody wanted to be you.

10. Nilla Wafers


Photo courtesy of @nillawafers on Instagram

Nilla Wafers and milk were the best snack received during snack time.

11. Uncrustables


Photo courtesy of @uncrustables on Instagram

These PB&Js were so much better than the ones your mom made.

12. Wonderballs

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The best part about this was opening this candy to find more candy-best surprise.

13. Gripz

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Remembering playing games with trying to catch this fun food in your mouth during lunch?

Next time you’re missing home or your childhood a little bit, go to the grocery store and buy a box of any of these.