Dating a foodie is like dating the best kind of person. There's nothing better than dating someone who not only understands your love of food, but shares in that passion. If you wouldn't waste calories on blah food, don't waste time on a blah person (not saying non-foodies are blah, but... yeah). Here are 12 reasons why you should date a foodie. 

1. Your dates are centered around food

Sure, most dates involve food. But when you date a foodie, it's not just any place, it's always the best place. They know the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants and the top rated joints. They'll even be pleased when you say you dont care where you go to eat.

2. They won't bat an eyelash at spending money on good quality food

Foodies aren't going to judge you for all the money you spent on that over-the-top milkshake. Foodies don't waste their time or money on bad food. They only want the best, and in turn, want the best for you. But good quality doesn't mean five star meals every night — they also know a good bang for their buck.

3. They'll be hungry all the time just like you

Yay! You have an eating buddy for your 2 am Pita Pit runs. When you date a foodie, they are coming with you and they will probably encourage you to also order Insomnia before it closes at 3.

4. They'll share in your food porn obsession

You didn't text them back for an hour because you were watching food videos, but they won't be upset, as long as you share the video with them. They'll never get sick of being tagged in another gorgeous smoothie bowl Insta

5. They'll fix any situation with food


Bad day? Ice cream. Had a fight? Mac 'n cheese. Feeling blue? Wings. Got fired? Sushi. Got heated with your BFF? Pancakes. Stubbed your toe? Pizza. See, food is the cure for many things. 

6. They'll try weird foods with you

Golden foodie rule: Don't knock it 'til you try it. What more is there to love than sharing a chocolate covered ant with your S.O.?

7. They'll probably share their food with you

This is a big one folks. A true foodie will share their food because they want everyone to experience the joy their tastebuds are having. Just keep an eye on them when you are sharing, they might forget that you are sharing and not donating the whole thing to them.

8. They'll binge watch food shows with you

If there's a "Cupcake Wars Kids" marathon on, um, yes. What better way to spend your evening than to cuddle up with your honey and watch little kids with more talent than you?

9. Their ideal day is spending it at a food festival

And so is yours... Who doesn't love a good food festival? But your true foodie soulmate will go back every day until the thing picks up and leaves because they ate them out of town. 

10. Buying gifts for them is easy because they can involve anything with food

An anniversary present can be an endless sushi date with a personal chef in your own home or simply ice cream cone socks. Better yet, ice cream cone socks with an ice cream maker! (Take notes, people.) Food gadgets, food paraphernalia, actual food — the list is endless, so never fear of getting them a bad present.  

11. They'll support you when you buy yourself weird food things

When you need someone to tell you spaghetti and meatball earrings were a great impulse buy, or when you just had to buy that baby carrot spiralizer because baby carrots taste way better than the adult carrots — they're there for you.

12. Their life revolves around food

And so does yours. You work so you can eat and you eat good food so you can be happy. You sometimes even workout to feed your appetite. They'll understand your passion with food, even when they come second to it.


Foodies are obviously genuine and sweet people, however, hanger is a real thing and you know about it better than anyone else. Two hangry people is a dangerous combination, so play nice on empty stomaches. In the end, enjoy being surrounded by two of your favorite things — food and your foodie S.O.