Love food and love socks?  Look no further. You can wear your favorite foods and desserts right on your feet.  Food socks are the thing that has been missing from your life, and you will never be able to go back to plain white socks again. Since you can, why wear anything but pizza on your feet?   

Doughnut Socks

Donut worry, you can put your favorite frosted treat right onto your feet.  Whether you are going for the funny cop costume, or you just want to make your mornings better, these socks are perfect for you. 

Sushi Socks

Got a hot date? These socks are the perfect thing for you. If your life is as completed by a spicy tuna roll as mine is, these socks will make you smile every time you put them on. Warning: If you are on a budget do not invest in these socks, they will rack up your bills by causing you to go out for sushi more times than you probably should. 

Avocado Socks

You see avocados around ever corner, might as well wear the new trend on your feet.  Even if you are over the trend, these socks are too cute to pass up. 

Pineapple Socks

With spring break fast approaching, you need to get a pair of these socks. They will be perfect for whatever tropical vacation you are planning to go on. Even in the winter, these socks will bring sunshine into your day. Start out everyday by being a fine-apple.

Ice Cream Socks

Ice cream is everyone's favorite summer treat, so why not put stacked ice cream on your feet? Watch out, these socks are so hot that they might just melt off of your feet.

Essential Socks

If you buy any socks from this article, you need these socks. Personally, this is my mood at all points throughout the day. These socks are the best of all food socks, and are essential in everyone's life. If anything, these are needed for a Sunday morning, when you just want to watch Netflix and eat food. 

Keep going with the food trend by getting all other sorts of food apparel. I apologize if you cannot look at your normal socks the same now. Don't worry, your white socks are ok too.