Who doesn't have a favorite celebrity? Since almost everyone does, you might be surprised to know that some of your favorite celebrities also have their own restaurants. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and I've eaten at Ditka's Restaurant in Robinson, PA with my family and friends many times. Once I found out it was owned by Mike Ditka, I wanted to learn what other celebrity-owned restaurants there are in the United States.

These celebrity-owned restaurants are all over the nation, so maybe your next best meal will come from one of them. While a lot of celebrities are venturing into the food industry, the following ones seem to be crowd favorites based on Yelp reviews. The next time you want to find a way to support your favorite celebrity and possibly see them too, stop by one of these celebrity-owned restaurants

17.  Tagine Beverly Hills, Owned by Ryan Gosling (3 stars)

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This restaurant is Ryan Gosling's food baby. His chef, Chef Ben, knows a lot about Moroccan dishes because his grandmother inspired his cooking style. Her Moroccan food is one of Chef Ben's earliest and fondest memories, so it goes without saying that Tagine made the list of best celebrity owned food restaurants.

"Very nice place. Contemporary setting with warm ambiance. The service was excellent. The food was great. The Moroccan Spiced chicken and Cassoulet were both delicious and tasty," Yelp reviewer Clifford S. wrote. Nostalgic Moroccan-inspired dishes inside the gorgeous Ryan Gosling's restaurant. What more could you want?

16.  I Love This Bar & Grill, Owned by Toby Keith (3 stars)

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Country singer Toby Keith's restaurant is the complete American bar and grill experience. Everything from the color scheme to the food options. "The reason this place gets five stars [from me] is because they are military friendly! Free cheeseburger, fries, and a drink for service members! The burger was only average but the rest of the food was outstanding. Prices are about what you would expect, can't wait to return!" wrote Yelp reviewer Patrick P.

There is nothing more American than treating our country's heroes with respect. This is no surprise, as Toby Keith is a country singer; just walk inside and literally eat and breathe America. 

15.  Straits, Owned by Ludacris (3 stars)

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You might find this ludicrous, but Ludacris raps and rocks the restaurant start-up game as well. Bring your best rap game to this family favorite restaurant.

"The restaurant is situated in a great area so part of the experience is being able check out the local area shops either before or after dinner," wrote Yelp reviewer Andy L. You never know if you will run into Ludacris on your walk. Why go to IHOP when a celebrity can basically cook you pancakes?

14. The Half King, Owned by Sebastian Junger (3.5 stars)

Sebastian Junger is an American journalist most famous for the best-selling book "The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea." The Half King got its name from the 18th-century Seneca chief who is so obscure no one knows his real name. With this history in mind, the culinary selection at Sebastian Junger's restaurant is anything but obscure.

“The long bar, yellow walls, and exposed brick give it that cozy atmosphere that just draws you in immediately,” Yelp reviewer Ashley B. wrote.  

13. Southern Hospitality, Owned by Justin Timberlake (3.5 stars)

If you love barbecue, your mouth will be watering from this Memphis-Style BBQ joint. Southern Hospitality prides itself on being the best southern BBQ north of the Mason Dixon. Yelp reviewer Mary R. seems to agree, as she wrote, “did a great job creating an authentic southern BBQ restaurant in the middle of a busy urban setting.” I know you may not think that singing and eating go together, but there's nothing that JT can do wrong. 

12.  Do Hwa, Owned by Quentin Tarantino (3.5 stars)

Quentin Tarantino is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor. Sit down at Tarantino's restaurant for some Korean home-cooking in the West Village with open grill top tables and cozy seats facing Carmine Street. Yelp reviewer Evan O. writes, "I've been to most of the Korean spots in K-Town, both traditional Korean and BBQ. Came to Do Hwa for some traditional Korean. Everything we ordered was so interesting, so delicious. Great Korean flavors. Can't wait to go back."

It's reviews like that that put Do Hwa on the list of best celebrity-owned restaurants. If you are more into the fruity cocktails than food, they have a great happy hour menu. 

11.  The Spotted Pig, Owned by Ken Friedman (3.5 stars)

Ken Friedman was a music composer for Clive Davis and The Smiths before becoming the co-owner of Spotted Pig. The name of the restaurant alone will make you want to check it out, and the menu will have you drooling. The pig is an important symbol in the culinary industry, with the iconic pig drawing of all the sections that are usable for food. Some chefs even have tattoos of it. So there is no surprise that The Spotted Pig uses a pig as their logo.

A Yelp reviewer stated, "The bartender was excellent and extremely friendly. I had the deviled eggs and the burger—both probably the best I've ever had of those foods. A little pricey, but I will definitely be back." Needless to say, with a great name and great food, not much can go wrong. 

10. Ago, Owned by Robert De Niro (3.5 stars)

Robert De Niro is an American actor and producer who has starred in over 100 films. Chef Agostino Sciandri wanted to make Ago an upscale Italian Trattoria. He succeeded with his spaghetti and lobster special, among many other classic Italian dishes.

Navid L. reviewed on Yelp saying, "You'll never be disappointed with the food or the service here...This place is just amazing like it's humble owner Robert De Niro who I had the pleasure of dining with one of the times I was there." 

9. The Waverley Inn, Owned by Graydon Carter (3.5 stars)

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Established in 1920, this restaurant reopened in 2006 by Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Graydon Carter. He created a cozy atmosphere with satin red booths, and amber mood lighting. The Waverly Inn has the potential to become the best neighborhood spot to relax and meet up with friends. 

8. Cafe Zoetrope, Owned by Francis Ford Coppola (3.5 stars)

Francis Ford Coppola is an American screenwriter, film director, and producer. Cafe Zoetrope is basically a foodie's shrine to Francis Ford. If you can't take a trip to this hot spot, you can also try some of the Coppola family's wine and purchase a bottle or two from your local liquor store.

Yelp reviewer Matt L. also enjoyed his time there and wrote, "Most of the restaurants in North Beach I feel are geared mainly toward tourists (and come across fake), but Cafe Zoetrope offers a much more authentic experience thereby seeming to attract more locals (which is great!)."

7. Ditka's, Owned by Mike Ditka (3.5 stars)

Mike Ditka is a former American football player, coach, and television commentator. At Ditka's famous restaurant, there is everything from decadent chocolate cake to cowboy oyster shooters. With this variety, you can't go wrong. Nathaniel B. wrote on Yelp, "The managers and team are absolutely fantastic. I have only been coming about a month, but they already know me by name and are always so great."

6. Tribeca Grill, Owned by Robert De Niro (3.5 stars)

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This New York City landmark continues to receive many prestigious awards, including the coveted Grand Award from Wine Spectator Magazine every year since 2002. Robert De Niro founded the Tribeca Film Festival, so it's no wonder his restaurant is named Tribeca, and it's located in the trendy neighborhood too. When something is that good, you have to use the name twice.

Yelp reviewer Carmen C. couldn't stop raving about it either when she wrote, "The food was spectacular! We really enjoyed the ambiance, great feel to the place, upscale casual. The Tuna Crudo melted in my mouth! I'd return just for that!"

5.  Watershed, Owned by Emily Saliers (3.5 stars)

Emily Saliers is an American singer-songwriter and member of the Indigo Girls. Watershed is a hipster's dream restaurant, complete with adorable decor such as a quilt hung on the wall. Their chef serves local, fresh, soulful dishes that will make you want to visit this spot more often. 

4. Shula's Steak House, Owned by Don Shula (4 stars)

Don Shula is a former professional American football player turned coach, and is best known for his being the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He led his team to two Super Bowl victories as a player, and to the only perfect season in the history of the National Football League. Athletes know how important protein is, so it's only appropriate that Shula opened a steakhouse. The food at Shula's is decadent and pricey, but it's totally worth it.

Yelp reviewer Brian Z. agrees by stating, "Excellent food and excellent service. All the things you don't get at a Disney owned restaurant. The steak was cooked perfect and the crab cake appetizer was delicious. Highly recommend this place." 

3. Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles, Owned by Gladys Knight (4 stars)

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Gladys Maria Knight, known as the "Empress of Soul," is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Knight certainly lives up to her nickname, because her restaurant offers some of the best soul food. If you're looking for a traditional southern restaurant with chicken and waffles, you'll love Gladys and Ron's.  

2.  Elway's, Owned by John Elway (4 stars)

John Albert Elway Jr. is a former American football quarterback. He currently is the Executive Vice President and the General Manager of the Denver Broncos. Elway's is a Colorado steakhouse taking storm in Denver.  As a Yelp reviewer stated, "This was one of the thickest steaks I've ever seen, but they cooked it to medium well perfectly." This isn't your average Longhorn Steakhouse, so be prepared for an amazing fine dining experience and meal. 

1.  Market Restaurant and Bar, Owned by Tony Hawk (4.5 stars)

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Who knew Tony Hawk had so many other talents? At Market Restaurant and Bar, there are a multitude of options for your enjoyment. Everything from specialty cappuccinos to Bluefin Tuna Ceviche. Take your pick, and bring company, because you'll want to try everything. Everything is served fresh and is sourced locally so it's no wonder Yelp reviewer Jaret J. was also impressed when he wrote, "I am a Farmer, and always try restaurants before soliciting them for produce sales. I wouldn't want to work with a restaurant which didn't serve tasty food or seem genuinely welcoming. This place is just amazing."