For some, Valentine's Day can be a cheesy holiday full of love and chocolate. For others, it can be a day where all you want to do is drown your sorrows and forget the fact that no one is buying you a giant teddy bear. 

So forget having date night with your significant other and throw down with your girls (or yourself) for a Galentine's Day bash – these cocktails will make your celebrations even more festive.

1. Champagne

liquor, alcohol, wine
Tarika Narain

Nothing says "I love you" like a good old-fashioned glass of bubbles. You'll feel classy with some champagne this Valentine's Day.

#SpoonTip: Add a raspberry or strawberry to the glass to give it that red and pink themed feel.

2. Cosmopolitan

Katie Davidson

Take a page from the Sex in the City ladies (the true MVPs of being single) and try their signature cocktail. The best part is they all enjoyed these drinks when they were single and taken. Good alcohol has no bounds.

3. Rosé

red wine, white wine, liquor, alcohol, wine
Steven Baboun

If you're looking to keep it classy but a lil sassy, then a nice big glass of rosé will do the trick. #Roséallday has never felt more real. 

4. Dirty Shirley

liquor, iced tea, cocktail, tea, ice, juice
Andrea Leelike

A spiked Shirley Temple is just what you need to get yourself in the mood for a festive night. And the whole red color will tie in the Valentine's day element.

5. Grapefruit Mimosa

tequila, champagne, vodka, beer, juice, ice, liquor, wine, alcohol, cocktail
Kelly Logan

The perfect cocktail if you're celebrating this year with a nice little drunch. Nothing screams Galentine's like brunch with some mimosas. 

6. Vodka Cranberry

tea, vodka, lime, apple, cocktail, juice, ice
Carl Parker Luthman

This one goes to all those looking to forget Valentine's Day, I guarantee a few of these will do the trick. 

7. Sorbet Champagne

berry, milkshake, yogurt, alcohol, cream, smoothie, strawberry, sweet, milk, ice, cocktail, juice
Collette Block

If you're trying to impress someone on Valentine's Day, whip up a couple of these dessert cocktails and you'll have them saying "I love you" in no time. Or better yet, just make one to celebrate yourself.

8. Sex on the Beach

cocktail, sweet, juice
Keni Lin

The name says it all – seriously. You can still "get some" this Valentine's Day with this drink. 

9. Watermelon Margarita

vodka, sweet, ice, lime, strawberry, watermelon, juice, cocktail
Lauren Kaplan

You'd be surprised just how good chocolate and tequila can taste together when you're sitting home alone with your cat.

10. Rosé Sangria

liquor, tea, alcohol, juice, sweet, wine
Emily Genzer

Sangria is always the call when you're having a bunch of people over. So rather than just sticking to the traditional red and white, go with the rosé to make it even more festive. 

11. Kir Royale

cocktail, alcohol, beer, wine
Julia Benson

This drink is super fancy and super festive – emphasis on the super. A few sips of this and you'll be a happy camper in no time. 

12. Strawberry Daiquiri

smoothie, ice, berry, cocktail, juice, strawberry
Andrea Leelike

What screams Valentine's Day more than a sweet, pink drink? Although this holiday is in February, you can channel your summer vibes with this frozen treat.

So forget about a date this Valentine's Day – all you need are some great boozy cocktails to show you some love. Just remember to drink responsibly – you wouldn't want to send anyone a bad text now.