From creamy rich milk to bitter dark, chocolate is a favorite sweet treate loved by all ages. Before Christmas comes, on December 16th, don't forget to celebrate the most important holiday for all things dipped in a beautiful pot of melted heaven. Here are some of the best things to enjoy on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

1. Strawberries

strawberry, cream, candy, sweet, chocolate
Morgan Goldberg

Strawberries dipped in chocolate is a classic that makes everyone smile. The sweet berry and creamy chocolate are the perfect combo for any occasion. Make sure to make enough because you are sure to run out fast - good thing they're easy to make.

2. Marshmallows

sprinkles, goody, pastry, candy, sweet, chocolate, cake, cream
Susanna Tuan

Marshmallows taste great with chocolate and are easy to decorate. This puffy sweet treat is a staple to dip in chocolate and it's always the first thing gone on the plate. Learn how to make chocolate marshmallow sticks here.

3. Rice Krispie Treats

The sticky, gooey Rice Krispie treat is perfect if you want something decadent and sweet to eat. Take this childhood favorite to the next level and dunk it in your fave chocolate come December 16 (or any day, to be honest).

4. Apples

Move over caramel apples, there's a new treat in town. Chocolate covered apples are tangy and sweet — plus, you can do some portion control and cut them into slices if you don't want to eat the whole apple (but who wouldn't want to eat the whole thing?)

5. Pineapple

Pineapple and chocolate are two unlikely peas in a pod. The juicy pineapple dipped in sweet milk chocolate will make you feel better about eating dessert. 

6. Bacon

This food combo might seem like an unlikely pair, but you would be surprised how the sweet and salty flavors melt in your mouth. Besides, bacon's proved to be a delicious contender in the sweet and salty recipe game.

7. Brownies

Kristine Mahan

Why not dip chocolate in chocolate on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? Biting into this extra sweet pairing will take your tastebuds to chocolate heaven.

8. Chips

Crunchy, salty potato chips dipped in creamy milk chocolate are the ultimate sweet and salty combo. They're outrageously easy to make, and are perfect to whip up for any holiday party.

9. Pretzels

Pretzels and chocolate — another sweet and salty combo to keep the trend going. It's literally the easiest thing to dip, and you can decorate it with sprinkles or even more chocolate. Learn how to make a fun holiday version here.

10. Graham Crackers

We already know that s'mores are a great combo — now imagine taking the marshmallow out and all you have left is the delicious crunchy graham cracker and the creamy rich chocolate. Mmm.

11. Bananas

Frozen bananas and chocolate have always been a great combo. Whether its dark, milk, or white chocolate, this sweet fruity banana and the rich chocolate melt in your mouth (literally). Plus, you'll feel just a little bit better about eating dessert since it's fruit.

So come December 16th make sure to melt a big pot of chocolate and get all your favorite things to dip. Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!