We've all had those days when desserts at home or the dining hall froyo just isn't cutting it. Sure, Mom's apple pie might be delish, but is it worthy enough to be posted to your legion of Instagram followers?

If this reality is sounding a little too familiar, these dessert Instagrams can definitely help you break out of your snacking rut. From cookies, to cake, to all sorts of chocolate, there's an Instagram giving serious inspiration for every taste. 

1. @sarahlynnfitness

If you want guilt-free dessert, this page by @sarahlynnfitness allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. Sarah is a personal trainer who posts delicious pics on the reg of her creations—all from her "Bake to Be Fit" e-books.

Sarah's desserts look over-the-top decadent, but they're all macro-friendly, sprinkles, whipped cream, and drizzles included. Sarah posts pretty regularly with tons of new recipes, so make sure to keep an eye out on your feed.

2. @magnoliabakery

An icon in NYC foodie culture, Magnolia Bakery should be one of your top searches on Instagram for some insane food porn. Did you ever stop and stare through a bakery window as a kid? Magnolia Bakery's account allows you to do pretty much the same thing without ever leaving your house.

Magnolia posts multiple times a week with treats ranging from cupcakes, to tarts, to their world-famous banana pudding. And if you can't make it into the Big Apple to try their treats IRL, their shipping info is right in their bio (you're welcome).

3. @broadst_doughco

Okay, so you want dessert, but know better than to skip the most important meal of the day. Broad Street Dough Co.'s account will remedy this issue faster than you can say "sugar rush." This New Jersey shop does doughnuts, and damn do they do them well.

A quick scroll through their feed will have you seriously craving their crazy concoctions. Want a red velvet doughnut? They have that. S'mores? They've got you covered. How about a triple-layered or rainbow treat? You guessed it, they have it. Broad Street posts multiple times a day, so your feed will always be filled with some doughnut delight—which is definitely not a bad thing.

4. @churroboroughla

As a devoted New Englander, I could never subscribe to the "West Coast, Best Coast" mentality, but these pictures from Los Angeles' Churro Borough are definitely making me reconsider.

There are few desserts more perfect than an ice cream sandwich, and Churro Borough understands this concept and elevates it to a whole new level. Judging by the pictures, you can swap any flavor ice cream your heart desires in between their classic, golden brown churros, leaving the flavor combinations open and endless. While the page doesn't post that often, something tells me that when they do post, the double-taps come in droves.

5. @vanleeuwenicecream

All my vegan friends, this one's for you! Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, based in Los Angeles and New York, serve up ice cream treats with vegan flavors so drool-worthy you'll forget there's no dairy.

All the ice cream made by the folks at Van Leeuwen is made from scratch, so you know that tons of effort, time, and TLC went into each Instagram post. Plus, even better, you can grab Van Leeuwen's on-the-go thanks to their rotation of colorful food trucks. That's some meals on wheels that I can definitely get behind.

6. @dylanscandybar

Is dessert ever complete without candy? Short answer: no. The feed from Dylan's Candy Bar will definitely help you get your fix, no matter what treat you're craving. From chocolate bars, to fruit gummies, to as much pick-n-mix as your inner child can dream of, this Instagram is the equivalent of a mouth full of cavities. 

The page posts pretty regularly, sometimes as often as multiple times a day, and showcases images from their multiple retail locations around the country. Plus, the bio claims that Dylan's merges "art, fashion, and pop culture" with their treats, meaning that if you follow for long enough, you're sure to see some amazing clever images. What else would you expect from founder Dylan Lauren, the daughter of famous American designer, Ralph Lauren?

7. @craveclean

When in Miami, you'll probably be spending a ton of time in your bathing suit on the beach, so you'll want to look the part. Miami's CraveClean bakery understands that concept 100 percent and has curated their shop and Instagram accordingly with tons of protein-filled, and gluten free desserts.

CraveClean bills themselves as a "protein bakery," which is something pretty unique compared to other sweet shops in the US All of their treats are gluten-free, sweetened with stevia, and according to the bakery's bio, come with "75 percent less calories" than regular bakery fare. CraveClean cranks out a couple of posts a day, all with drool-worthy goodies. Spring Break in Miami, anyone?

8. @sprinklescupcakes

Ever mindlessly picked up your phone while watching "Cake Wars" on the Food Network? If so, you should def check out the page for judge Candace Nelson's bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Sprinkles was the "world's first cupcake bakery" and quickly gained notoriety for its cupcake ATMs. No longer a primarily West Coast staple, Sprinkles is uber popular, and definitely worth a like or two on their page. They post tons of pictures of their classic cupcakes, but lately have also been posting pictures of gooey chocolate chip cookies and even some milkshakes and frappes. Almost as good as licking the spoon... almost.

9. @balaboostas_bakery

True story: I found this page through one of my fellow Spoonie's food account, and OH MY GOD am I glad that I did. Melissa, the woman behind Balaboosta's insane IG page, is a caterer based in the NYC/Long Island area and bakes all her treats with a philosophy of  "sweet love."

Even the name of the Instagram account should give you an indication of the kinds of desserts Melissa makes: "balaboosta" is a Yiddish word that describes the "perfect woman:" she decorates, hosts, bakes, etc, all without breaking a sweat. And, added bonus, if you scroll through Melissa's page and realize you can't live without her food (seriously, her loaded cakes look amazing), she ships nationwide.

10. @drakeoncake

Drake on Cake is one of those unique Instagram accounts that blends pop culture, humor, and delicious treats all in one. It's a winning combo that's kept me following for almost as long as I've had my Instagram! The woman behind this account, @joythebaker, regularly posts her decadent creations, all complete with lyrics by Drizzy.

No hit is spared, from the endlessly quotable "Child's Play," to some more NSFW singles, Joy mixes the lyrics with beautiful frosting script, to create a product that's equal parts delicious and unexpected. This is definitely an Instagram that would pair amazingly with your Spotify playlists.

11. @blacktapnyc

We would be remiss if we were to talk about Instagram accounts that are perfect for dessert lovers without including the account that arguably started the whole craze. Black Tap's "freakshakes" transcended the role of being just a regular menu item and turned into a cultural phenomenon.

I'm sure all foodies can remember where they were the first time they laid eyes on a Black Tap shake, and these same foodies can attest that their Instagram game has never been the same. Whether you love them or hate them, these shakes are so amazing to look at. Black Tap is also a burger joint, so their IG isn't all shakes, but it's worth giving them a follow just to have a chance to glimpse any and all new creamy creations.

No matter how full you are, it's a well known fact that you'll always have room for dessert. With these Instagram accounts in mind, you'll definitely be inspired to open up your "dessert stomach" once again. Whether you make the pilgrimage to one of these spots, or just give the account a double-tap, your Instagram feed will definitely be sweeter for weeks to come.