Though 4th of July is long over, why should all the partying and BBQ-ing stop? BBQ's are the best part of summer. So, prepare a couple of cool cocktails, get some buns, cuts of meat, corn, and get grilling! For more details, check out these BBQ hosting ideas and recipes for a fun summer evening. For details, check out these BBQ hosting ideas and recipes for a fun summer evening. 

1. Feisty and Skinny Lemonade 

herb, tea
Julie Haupin

The perfect way to start your BBQ is by serving your guests a Feisty Skinny Lemonade. Not only will this drink make everyone feel fresh, but the alcohol will get the party started. 

2. Mint Julep

herb, juice, mint
Julia Murphy

What is a BBQ with just one cocktail? Non-existent. So, why not serve your party peeps this Mint Julep? With a little extra sugar syrup, your friends who have a sweet tooth will go nuts. But most importantly, it is easy to make and even easier to chug. 

3. Cilantro Lime Boozy Slushy

herb, vegetable, parsley
Katie Zizmor

When life you gives you lemons, make yourself a dope Cilantro Lime Boozy Slushy. This drink will earn you the title of the best BBQ host. It will also add variety to your list of cocktails. 

4. Grilled Corn Salad 

meat, corn salad, succotash, cereal, pea, legume, vegetable, corn
Alexandra Tringali

Who doesn't love corn? A Grilled Corn Salad is an ideal starter for your guest. It is just the right balance of spice and crunch making it the MVP of your BBQ. 

5. Pan-Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic and Pomegranate Seeds

salad, pasture, pepper, asparagus, vegetable
Alex Vu

Here is the perfect dish for all your Vegetarian/ Vegan friends who will be skipping the meat. Pan-Roasted Asparagus w/ a Balsamic and Pomegranate Seeds will be a real treat. 

6. Diner Burger 

Alexandra Tringali

Fire up the grill to create a Classic Diner Burger. Cause burgers are quick to whip up and more importantly, everyone's fave dish at a BBQ. The melting cheese in your mouth will not let you stop at just one. 

7. Hot Dogs

sauce, hot dog, mustard, cheese
Drew Glaeser

Cause a good ol' Hot Dog is something you always need to have at a BBQ, just to play it safe. But don't forget to spice it up a bit with an array of condiments, from the basic ketchup to relish and sauerkraut. 

8. Pineapple S'mores

sandwich, cheese, cream
Sarah Silbiger

S'mores are the best #tbt to your camping days. But take this sugary goodness to a whole new level by adding some pineapple to make Pineapple S'mores. Sounds bold huh? I promise you will not be disappointed. 

9. Summer Watermelon Dessert Pizza with Maple Cashew Cream

watermelon, pizza
Jody Brimacombe

Cause who doesn't love pizza all day, every day. So, have it at your BBQ too with a Summer Watermelon Dessert Pizza. An added benefit, your vegan friends can indulge in it as well.  

10. Mason Jars All the Way

pouring wine, white wine, white mine, mason jar, wine, pouring, wine bottle, wine bottle pour mason jar
Jocelyn Hsu

Now, that your menu is ready. To pump up your decoration game serve your drinks in Mason Jars. These jars will give your party a fun summer vibe and make your BBQ look super trendy. 

11. Flowers

Since summer is all about the flowers get inspired with some minimalistic yet trendy table decorations. Whether your go-to color scheme is a charming white and yellow or a classic blue that is up to you. 

Now, that you are all set with a list of BBQ hosting ideas Get out that grill and host a dope party full of summer lovin' fun.