Finger foods are the key to any great party. If you're drinking a classy glass of wine, or a festive cocktail, there's a finger food to pair with them all. With the 4th of July just around the corner, making sure your guests are satisfied is a top priority. This list of 4th of July finger foods should come in handy. 

1. Red Velvet, White and Blue Cake Balls

chocolate, candy, cream, sweet, cake, red velvet cake
Megan Prendergast

What could be more patriotic than cake balls that are the color of the American flag? And who doesn't love cake? Thus, these red velvet, white and blue cake balls are the ideal 4th of July finger food. 

2. Spinach and Artichoke bites

spinach, cheese, pastry, bread
Emma Lally

These Spinach and Artichoke Bites are cheesy, creamy and the perfect size snack for people to enjoy while watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. This party classic is sure to be a hit. 

3. Mini Pizza Roll Lollipops

Katherine Baker

When a slice of pie is to mundane for your squad, give them a mini pizza roll lollipop instead. Not only will you impress them with your creativity, but this treat pairs perfectly with an ice cold beer. 

4. Corn on the Cob 

corn, cereal, pasture, hazelnut, straw, vegetable, meat, popcorn, maize
Tiare Brown

Get your grill on with juicy, buttery, and tasty corn on the cob  for your party goers. Add salt and other seasonings to step up your corn game.  

5. Hot Dogs

hot dog, mustard, sausage, ketchup, bun, meat, sandwich, relish, beef, bread, cheese
Kevin Del Orbe

No 4th of July party is complete without an endless amount of hot dogs, with a choice of mustard or ketchup. These god ol' hot dogs will be the perfect snack to serve your guests as who can resist something this delicious? I know I can't.

6. Guacamole  

guacamole, vegetable, tomato, salsa, pepper, sauce, chili, corn, onion
Parisa Soraya

Guac and chips are always a hit. Get creative with your guac, and put it in festive bowls around your party. Make sure your stocked up on chips, because this stuff goes fast.

7. American Flag Fruit Sticks

strawberry, cake, cheesecake
Mira Nguyen

These American Flag Fruit Sticks are easy to make, healthy to eat and stunning to click. In the midst of booze, burgers, and melting ice cream, a healthy snack like this will be appreciated by your guests. 

8. Honey Butter Sea Salt Popcorn 

popcorn, corn, cereal, sweet, butter, kettle corn, salt
Renee Chiu

Make your party pop with this Honey Butter Sea Salt Popcorn that is the ideal balance of sweet and salty. It will also add a bit of crunch to your selection of finger food.  This will be the to-go choice for your guests to munch of while sipping on their cocktail. 

9. S'mores Dip 

bread, sweet, cookie, chocolate
Carlie Littman

This one is perfect to bring out post fireworks, to give your guests a tasty desert. S'mores Dip is a twist on a campfire classic, is ooey-gooey, and will leave everyone longing for s'more. 

10. Burrata Caprese Crostini 

bread, vegetable, sweet
Max Bartick

Trying to impress your guests? Look no further than this. Burrata Caprese Crostini is a toast full of of sunshine because of its bright colors and flavorful mixture of ingredients.  

Use any one of these awesome 4th of July party snacks, and not only will your party be a success, but you'll have a whole list of snacks that can be used for your next bash too.