Despite the GB tears and the never-ending stairs, going home for the summer makes us realize all of the little things that are to love about Bentley. Though there may be many nights where a balance sheet makes us question everything about the Bent, we cannot even begin to "account" for all of the things that make us love this place more and more each an every day. Here are the top 8 things you miss about Bentley during your first month at home.

The Scenery

Jillian Parinello

VIEWS. We may not enjoy traveling up the stairs, but much like Miley Cyrus preaches: it's the climb! It's all worth it when you reach the top of the Smith stairs and find yourself in perfect position to take that classic "good morning" Snapchat. From the Adamian sunrise/sunset, to the classic red brick walls, to the foliage around the Lib, it is certain that the Instagram aesthetic at Bentley is hard to parallel on a consistent basis over the summer. 

Your Routine

coffee, tea
Jillian Parinello

Summer job or no summer job - it is certainly difficult to match the structure of your school routine. Not that anyone necessarily missed rising and grinding at 7:00AM for 8:00AM classes, there is an element of the routine that is missed. Whether it be an Iced Caramel Swirl at Dunkin' Donuts or a plain bagel with cream cheese at Einstein's, everyone's morning routine is different, but they all reflect something about the Bent that is missed at home. Seeing your roomie bright and early, ordering your usual coffee, and grabbing breakfast with whoever is willing enough to wake up and eat with you... it turns out that the very schedule that stressed you out, is the same one you miss today!

Miguel's Omelets

salad, potato, chicken
Jillian Parinello

Living the summer life of luxury with complimentary home-cooked meals, food is probably not the first thing you miss about Bentley. Fair enough. However, I think we can all agree upon the novelty of a Seasons omelet. Therefore, there is a place in many of our hearts that misses Miguel's morning greetings over the summer. Cheese?

Your Residence Hall

Jillian Parinello

Everybody has a soft spot for their dorm no matter where it may be. Roommates, suite-mates, and even floor-mates become your second fam real quick. Though you may have resented the noisy neighbors or restrictive spacing during the semester, you begin to have a unique appreciation for your crib in Waltham once you leave it. 

The Library (Yes, the library)

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Jillian Parinello

Sure, the term "library" may indicate a bit of a trigger term. Let's say the Lib. While this place may symbolize a lack of sleep, essays that reach double-digit page numbers, and dangerously high levels of caffeine, there is simply something special about the Bentley Library. After all, it is the most photographed building on campus. Odds are you have already Instagrammed it once, or perhaps taken a nice Snapchat of it with a time-stamp. Anyway, despite the mental chaos that ensues on occasion at the Lib, it still represents a safe haven on campus - a magical place where silence takes over, ideas flow clearly, and fingers type faster. I think there is a part of each and every one of us that looks forward to coming to the library at Bentley. Just think of all of the times you have broken free from a cubicle after a couple hours feeling LIBERATED.

The Weekend

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Jillian Parinello

No, no...not Selena's boyfriend. To quote the wise Asher Roth, "Man, I love college." Nothing truly compares to the weekends in college. From Jersey parties, to  Catalina Wine Mixers, to socials, to formals, to mixers, or even to 1:00AM Russo's runs, we all find ourselves missing Fridays and Saturdays at the Bent. Don't worry though, we can all find solace in the fact that in a few short months we will be posing in front of super BoHo looking tapestries in our brand new criss-cross body suits and posting Snap stories adorned with the ever-so-lovely "Saturdays are for the Boys" geotag. #soOOoo00ooCOllege 

Spontaneous Trips to Boston

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Jillian Parinello

While some of our Falcon friends are locals that have this luxury year-round, many of us fly from nests further away - nests that don't come equipped with free shuttles to Harvard Square! For this reason, the seamless transport into Boston is truly missed over the summer. It may take some time apart from Waltham to appreciate having all of the trendy shops and restaurants of Beantown at our fingertips.

Your People

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Jillian Parinello

Real talk: you came to Bentley to earn a sick business degree and become somebody's boss. But at the end of the day, you've met your lifelong friends. Whether they are your roomies, your teammates, your brothers, your sisters, or just your group, you have found your forever friends. Waking up in the summer without the luxury of walking a couple of feet to see them all can be a bit unnerving, but August is getting closer every single day!