Located in Cambridge, MA, Harvard Square is a major plaza for many students to get some of the best food off campus. Not only is it a place where people can just walk around and shop, but it also houses some of the best dessert selections the Boston area has to offer. From ice cream to pastries to some pretty unique cannolis, Harvard Square is not lacking. Next time that sweet tooth rolls around, be sure to check out one of these delicious places for the best desserts in Harvard Square!

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

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Danielle Milner

If your looking for a new cute restaurant with delicious desserts and fancy lattes, Tatte Bakery & Cafe is definitely the place. With freshly sourced ingredients, Tatte's cakes, pastries, cookies, and tarts are some of the best desserts in Harvard Square for sure. They have so many options to chose from, you might just have to get one of everything!


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Danielle Milner

If you are looking for something truly 'sweet', this is the place to go. With creative flavors and decorative frosting, you really can't go wrong here. Choices range from classic vanilla or chocolate to something as unique as Madagascar bourbon vanilla! They even have frosting "shots" for only 50 cents, and for those with dietary restrictions, Sweet has yummy treats for you too!

J.P. Licks

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Danielle Milner

With one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors, J.P. Licks is a must when going to Harvard Square. Even in the cold and rain this place still has a line. Why? Because they have some of the best tasting hot chocolate around! So next time you are craving something cold and hot, hit this place up!

Bonus: If you haven't had enough ice cream at this point, head over to Lizzy's Ice Cream for some more cold treats!

Mike's Pastry

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Danielle Milner

Highly known for their Italian cannolis, Mike's Pastry doesn't get any more Bostonian. Whenever you see someone walking out with a white box adorned with the classic Mike's Pastry logo, you know there's at least two cannolis in that box.  Trust me, you cannot go wrong here. However, if you're not in the mood for a cannoli       (what's wrong with you!), go for the giant whoopie pie! 

Shake Shack

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Danielle Milner

Shake Shack offers some of the best tasting milkshakes and concretes around. From flavors like hand-spun vanilla, salted caramel, peanut butter, and coffee, to mint chocolate and crimson red velvet, you are guaranteed to find something dense, creamy, and delicious.  If that doesn't convince you to run down here (yes, run because you got to burn those calories somehow!) then I don't know what will.

As you can tell Harvard Square offers some of the best desserts in the area, so make sure you go check it out! And eat a cannoli (or two) for me!