Breaking news Bentley Falcons, nugget night is no more, or at least it appears that way. Swiping into the Seasons, I prepared myself for the stale coffee, constant chicken, and general lack of options. But I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the cleaned up look. Here's what's changed at our dining hall. 

The Reconfigured Coffee Station

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Becky Hughes

The coffee station moved to a new location, near the beverage dispenser, with flavored options like Irish cream, hazelnut, and French vanilla. The new coffee pots seem to keep the coffee fresh for longer. My only complaint is the disappearance of the decaffeinated coffee.  

The Bread and Dessert Switcheroo

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Zoe Schneider

Nothing at the stations have changed except its location. The bread is where the dessert used to be, and the dessert is next to the ice-cream machine, a logical choice. Before the bread and toaster were cramped in the corner which created traffic. Now the coffee is located where the bread was, but the pots are more spread out. Another reason they did this, or so I speculate, is so the dessert isn't so in your face. I think Seasons is trying to make us eat healthier, more on this later. 

The Grill:

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Grace Hurley

Whether you call it "the grill", "Fuse", or "Mongolian Grill", it's been seriously revamped. Last semester Monday was noodles, Tuesday was Indian cuisine, Wednesday burgers, Thursday burritos, and Friday quesadillas. This semester Monday and Tuesday are noodles, but now they've added more options. Before you could choose between noodles, white rice, and sometimes brown rice. This semester you can choose your type of noodle you want such as chow mein or lo mein.

On Wednesday, it's still burger day, but with more options. You can choose the type of cheese you want to add to your burger, such as Gouda, cheddar, and American. But Thursday is the day everyone is talking about though. Thursday night always used to be nugget night in the regular section of Seasons and burritos at the grill.

This semester nuggets are no where to be found Thursday night and it's super disappointing. The the mac and cheese and curly fries are also missing from the traditional Thursday night menu.

I think Seasons is trying to make us eat healthier. The burritos are still being served, but only on Friday. Unfortunately there are no quesadillas. 

Meal Swipes in LaCava?

This semester nuggets are no where to be found Thursday night, along with the mac and cheese and curly fries that accompanied them. Once again, I think Seasons is trying to make us eat healthier. At the grill though it's made to order pancakes, so then again who knows. Accompanying the pancakes you'll find the normal breakfast fare, eggs, hash browns, waffles, etc. I love breakfast food so I'm happy about that, but burrito lovers don't worry. The burritos are still being served, just on Friday. Unfortunately for the quesadilla fans, they are no where to be found this semester.

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Abby Schwartz

Starting this semester, Monday through Thursday 11:30am-1:30pm. Don't get too excited though, you can't get sushi, it's called a "Meal Plan Exchange", meaning you get to choose from a limited menu they post weekly. You can find more information about it here

Final Thoughts

You can judge the new "improvements" for yourself and decide whether they're a PR trick or actual upgrades. I do think the LaCava meal swipes are really helpful if you're on the academic quad and don't want to walk down only to walk up again. If only you had all the choices that normally come along with LaCava.