This year's election is a presidential race unlike any other in US history. We're getting closer and closer to an election day seemingly like any other. The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the most watched debate in American history. The insults flew back and forth, and you almost lost track of what was being said. What did he just say? She looks a little pale, is she going to be okay? All this spicy controversy and criticism is making me hungry. Wait, is that guac?

Debate round three is coming up. Prepare yourself by checking out this spicy 10 food face off. See what each hot choice has to offer and elect your winners. 

Avocado Pepper Salsa  

guacamole, salsa, vegetable, herb, sauce, condiment
Sydney Segal

This is a guac-salsa hybrid. One bite of this will feel like a big spicy hug that's better than a handshake any day. Looking for some healthy fats? Eat this! You can even break out the red, white, and blue tortilla chips if you are feeling festive. This salsa alternative can go on toast, chicken, burgers, or even sweet potatoes.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Pepper Poppers 

jalapeno, avocado, bacon, pepper
Alexa Gambero

Bacon, bacon, bacon, and cheese. *Mic Drop and Menacing Glare

Sriracha Bacon Burger

sandwich, pork, cheese
Kirby Barth

Look at this big meaty patty. This burger is a combination of juicy beef, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, and just enough sriracha for things to get personal. There might even be a few spice-induced tears. What better way to make America great again than a burger? 

Sriracha Pop Corn 

popcorn, corn, rice, salt, cereal, kettle corn
Erica Coulter

Do you like snacks? Of course you do. Popcorn is the king of snacks. Sriracha is royalty in the spicy fam. Together, they create something beautiful that is worthy of a title. This is an especially good snack for the locker room. Popcorn is the perfect canvas for Sriracha, and together they will dominate your snack lineup. 

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Crispy Treats 

meat, beef, mince, pork, hash, sweet, ground beef
Maria Serghiou

The beloved Flamin' Hot Cheeto, wrapped up in a web of marshmallow. Where does sweet end and spicy begin? You say Hot Cheeto but you also say Crispy Treat, which is it? What should I believe? Well, all you need to believe here is that you should try this completely unexpected combo. There are only three ingredients and they are all stronger together. Who could've guessed that the presidential election 2016 could be represented by such a combo?

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs 

sauce, vegetable, meat, chicken
Maxwell Faucher

The classic football snack food made even easier to eat, and they can be made in under thirty minutes. It's so easy it should be jailed (in your stomach). Eat your chicken in spherical form. I could go in circles talking about it. 

Spicy Mac and Cheese

pasta, macaroni, sauce, spaghetti, cheese
Beth LeValley

The classic comfort food we all know.  It's hard not to love something so simple. This choice offers the comfort of the known with just a little spice for it to stand out among its other cheesy noodle counterparts. This is the career politician of this spicy bunch. 

Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Waffles Sandwich

Shalayne Pulia

The chicken is breaded with Cheeze-Its. You heard me right, I said Cheeze-its. So let's break this down. Cheeze-It breaded fried chicken, two Eggo waffles, fried egg, maple hot sauce mixture. This sandwich looks difficult, but only some assembly is required. The kick comes from the hot sauce concoction. So simple to make, and so many delicious flavors working together to make your taste buds beg for more. 

Spicy Spanish Hot Chocolate 

cream, coffee, soup, chocolate, pudding, milk
Natsuko Mazany

This creamy cup of hot chocolate is able and devoted to warm you up. Cayenne pepper adds a little kick that steps up this "hot" chocolate.  

Spicy Puppy Chow 

elephant foot yam, sweet, meat, candy, marshmallow
Maddie Whitehead

 Puppy chow. There's chocolate, there's peanut butter, and there's breakfast cereal. What more could you want? Oh wait, you can add a lil' pinch of cayenne to to give it a little fight. I bet Donald Trump could respect that. The combination of classic puppy chow and spice from the cayenne pepper creates flavors reminiscent of the Spanish hot chocolate with a texture that is all its own. This is not for the dogs, it's for America!   

This decision just might be harder than the actual election. So who do you choose? Your opinion matters! Enjoy your number one spicy food while the heat rises in the third debate. Watch it online. And don't forget to register to vote on November 8th.