From looking at my baby photos, you can easily tell that my love for food started at a very young age. I ate literally everything, and would get far too excited simply at the thought of someone bringing me food. Now, in my young adult years, I can definitely attest that my passion for food has significantly increased over time due to the exposure of delicious food options, restaurants and of course, the ability to cook my own meals. Calling myself a “foodie” is definitely an underestimation, but if your love for food is as high as mine, consider these 10 signs to know you're truly a "foodie".

(1) People come to YOU for food suggestions 

Whether it's where to find the best Thai food, brunch places near campus, vegan dessert options, or whatever your friends and family are in the mood for, they come to you. You've gained their trust over time as a foodie, and you're more than happy to chat about different food options and point them in the right direction.

(2) You prioritize food above A LOT of things

A lot of people claim to "forget to eat", but as a foodie, you would be one of those people that can easily incorporate meals/time to eat into your schedule. Whether it's an 8am class or 7:30 train to catch, waking up to food is an easy motivator. 

(3) Your friends are foodies too!

Having foodie friends is fun for a numerous amount of reasons - they can eat well, they'll work around an opportunity for food (as they too, prioritize food), and you guys can try more things together. Joining Spoon University in freshman year was how I easily met some amazing foodie friends.

(4) You plan your trips around food 

What's the best part of traveling? Obviously, the food. Whether it's going to another state with only 24 hours to try all of your bucket-list food items as I did in NYC, or traveling to Spain, Thailand and Austria, we foodies know that food is a big part of the traveling experience. 

(5) You Get Excited About Food-Related Things 

New food-related shows on Netflix like School of Chocolate, new Trader Joes items, new kitchen appliances from Ninja Kitchen, anything somewhat RELATED to food excites you. 

(6) You see food as self-care 

A prime example of this is cooking. Far too many people I know say "I don't have time to cook", or rely on vending machines or whatever's most convenience. With 24 hours in a day, you can easily trade 30 minutes on Instagram or cut down shower time to make a quick meal. We're not talking a five-course meal, but there are quick meals you can make, and for us foodies, we see this as therapeutic, and above all, self-care. 

(7) You LOVE to cook 

There's people who like to cook, then there's those of us who LOVE to cook. You can talk about favorite dishes you've made, and it's something you look forward to doing as much as possible. Of course, #supportinglocalbusinesses and eating out is a big part of the foodie experience, but so is eating something that you successfully made in your own kitchen too. 

(8) You can TALK food (knowledgeably)

Whether it's conversation topics such as favorite non-dairy milk options (you've probably tried them all, if not most of them), different types of diets, naming different areas in town that specialize in certain cuisines, your knowledge of food certainly is impressive. I also get a little more excited when someone brings up a food-related topic.  

(9) You know where most of your $ goes

This appears to be a common Instagram caption, but it's different in the case of foodies. We don't just spend on food as a social activity, as being a foodie it's a lifestyle. We know that anything even SLIGHTLY food-related is a worthwhile investment. 

(10) You Know How To Budget Your Food... After All Those Foodie Years 

Whether your foodie years started since birth (me), or increased significantly during college (also me), those years taught you where most of your $$$ goes: food.

Read here for more tips on some tips to budget your food! 

Bonus: You Do NOT See Food As An Inconvenience

The common phrase of "I will NOT do _______ JUST for food", simply does NOT apply to foodies. We will easily go above and beyond, commute an hour into another town, walk 30 minutes in the heat or cold, work our way around plans with loved ones (because they most likely understand how important food is to us) for one reason: food.