Remember in freshman year when you signed up for basically every single club on campus? Same. I don't blame you, because at Northeastern, there is an incredibly extensive (and constantly growing) list of student clubs offered. After shifting through my extracurricular involvements throughout the past 4 years, I truly believe I found the perfect club that aligned with my interests- Spoon Northeastern. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should (at least try, to) join the club: 

1. New Friends 

What's one of the most common social activities? You guessed it, eating. In Spoon, you'll meet your own community of foodies, so you'll find people who are equally as passionate and enthusiastic about food as you are. I've certainly made a lot of close friends in Spoon, and it's really made me realize that food is a great way to form a strong and tight knit community. 

2. Learn About New Restaurants 

Being in such a vibrant foodie city like Boston, there are an endless number of restaurants (and food businesses). It's important to note that the city has a lot more than the same old places that keep showing up on everyone's Instagram stories repetitively. Being in Spoon allows you to find out more about the hidden gems outside of the Northeastern bubble, as well as about food businesses such as pop-up chefs or food-delivery apps that are not well known among the Northeastern community. 

3. Be A Part Of A Wider Community 

In addition to being in Spoon Northeastern, joining Spoon will also allow you to meet Spoonies from other colleges in their respective chapters. I've found the Spoon community to be very supportive, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the support from Spoonies in the country was really uplifting through sharing ideas and providing suggestions on how to successfully grow the chapter in a virtual setting (read more about that here). 

4. Produce Actual Published Content!

By publishing articles onto the Spoon University platform, it feels like you're leaving a legacy behind. It would be really fun (and nostalgic) to look back in a few years time on what you had written about during your college years (especially food-related things). Good thing is, these articles stay published on the internet, so they'll be there incase you need to take a trip down memory lane. 

5. #SupportLocalBusinesses 

Whether you want to leave a positive review, write a Spoon article, connect with business owners, or create a TikTok, the hashtag #supportlocalbusinesses should always be trending. So if you want to get involved in supporting local businesses, joining Spoon is a good way to start! 

6. Not A Big Time Commitment

Besides writing articles, showing up to meetings and attending our fun events (which usually involve good food and good company!), Spoon is NOT a big time commitment. You'll still have time for your academics, social life, and be able to enjoy other parts of your college life. 

7. More Opportunities In The Food Space

Joining Spoon will also expose you to real world opportunities in the food & beverage industry such as influencer opportunities with platforms such as Aisle Mine, trying out new products from cool brands (e.g. GoNanas, Slow Up, The Collaborative), and allowing you to immerse yourself with professionals in this industry. 

8. Stress Free 

Spoon is NOT a demanding club which puts a lot of stress on you in any way, shape or form. From your academics to New England's bipolar weather, college students are already stressed enough. How can creating food-related content be stressful, after all? 

9. No Regrets, Just Love (For Your College Experience) 

College is short, you only have 4 (or maybe 4.5 or 5 years, if you go to Northeastern) years. It's really time to try new things, so why not let Spoon be one of them? 

10. Food 

Just remember, we are the online, go-to food publication for college students around the world! Interested in all things food-related? Join Spoon Northeastern right here.