Between Starbucks, Chik-fil-A and Chipotle, secret menus are all the buzz on the Internet. Nothing beats ordering a trendy-looking menu item that raises eyebrows and scores you an Instagram-worthy picture. Most places, whether you realize it or not, offer secret menu items. 

Prepare yourselves: McDonald's (yes, the beloved home of the Big Mac) offers a secret menu that'll save you a couple bucks and curb those fast food cravings. Shocked by this, I took it upon myself to do some heavy duty investigating. Without further ado, here are 10 McDonald's secret menu items that will take your fast food game to the next level. #Winning. 

1. Apple Pie McFlurry

For a hearty taste of nostalgia, order a "Pie McFlurry" the next time an ice cream craving hits. This Apple Pie McFlurry features an entire pie slice seamlessly blended into ice cream. Reward yourself after a long day of studying with this ultimate dessert.

#SpoonTip: If you get a weird look after asking for a Pie McFlurry, just order the two items separately to mix yourself.

2. McBrunch Burger

This is the ultimate bite, and this bad boy requires a major appetite. With eggs, hash browns, burgers, cheese, and jalapeños, the McBrunch Burger combine all your favorite aspects of the popular fast food chain (hash browns, I'm referring to you).

To get this brunch spectacular, order a Jalapeño Double with a round egg (because there are many types of McDonald's eggs) and hash browns. This is one for the books.

3. Chicken McGriddle

This popular McDonald's secret menu item is not so secret in Southeastern states, as some locations offer this on the menu. Not only are you eating a McGriddle (arguably the tastiest breakfast item at McDonald's), but you're also munching on a McChicken patty. 

An ode to fancy brunches, the Chicken McGriddle is a cheaper (and probably greasier) version of chicken a waffles. Just ask for a "Chicken McGriddle," or request a McChicken patty in between two McGriddle cakes. Comfort food taken to a new extreme.

4. All American Burger

Sometimes, simplicity wins. The All American Burger, which consists of a beef patty, ketchup, and pickles between two hamburger buns, is simple yet mouthwatering. If you're not in the mood for a slab of cheese on your burger, this secret menu item is for you.

When ordering this guy, ask for the All American burger. If that doesn't work, just show the cashier a picture and description of it.

5. Cinnamon Melt à la Mode 

Chewy, warm, and melt-in-your-mouth, McDonald's Cinnamon Melts curb everyone's sweet tooth. Upgrade the typical Cinnamon Melt by ordering a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone with it. Then, strategically place the cone on top of your Cinnamon Melt for a creamy, gooey creation. 

6. Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Warning: This sandwich is not for the faint-hearted. The Land, Sea, and Air burger on the McDonald's secret menu, is physically one of the largest creations. You'll need a monster appetite to demolish it. With three types of meat (fish, chicken and beef), you'll be getting more than enough protein. 

Oder a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken. You'll have to assemble this monster creation yourself. Stuff he McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties in the middle of the Big Mac. If you're feeling frisky, put some fries in there too.

7. McCrepe

Another assemble-it-yourself secret menu item, the McCrepe breakfast is for when the mood for a fancy breakfast strikes. Order some hotcakes from McDonald's and a yogurt parfait. Then, take your hotcake and fold it slightly. Load it up with some refreshing yogurt parfait. It's that easy.

#SpoonTip: If you're really in the mood to create an Instagram-worthy breakfast, top your McCrepe with granola and a drizzle of syrup. 

8. Big McChicken 

Who needs hamburger buns? This is another sandwich that isn't for the faint-hearted. If you want to change up the classic Big Mac, substitute the buns with McChicken patties. Order three McChickens and a Big Mac, and then assemble this yourself. Order yourself a refreshing cup of McDonald's Coke to help wash it down. 

9. Hash Browns McMuffin

A secret menu staple, the Hash Browns McMuffin combines two of the restaurants most popular items. You can't go wrong with a McMuffin, and you definitely can't go wrong with adding hash browns to it. 

10. Fries With Big Mac Sauce

In the mood to spice up McDonald's addicting fries? I don't blame you, because sometimes ketchup just doesn't cut it. If you're an avid Big Mac eater, order a side of its famous sauce with your fries. Mind. Blown. 

These items are just a tiny sliver of McDonald's secret menu. Between the Hash Browns McMuffin and the Land, Sea, and Air Burger, the possibilities are endless. Be adventurous, and order from this innovative menu the next time you're at McDonald's.