I am in my last year of undergrad, yet I still remember perfectly the delicacies served in my elementary school's cafeteria. My parents only allowed me to buy lunch once a week (still feeling a little cheated here), and I can remember that indecisive feeling of staring at the week's menu on Sunday night, trying to decide which day would be my "buy" day. 

These 10 foods were definitely universal favorites in the cafeteria and will send you straight down memory lane. Maybe they'll even help you forget for a minute that every day, you're closer to graduating and entering the real world. 

1. Rectangle Pizza

If nothing else on the menu appealed to me that week, Friday was always a good bet because it was pizza day. I don't know what it is about this rectangular pizza — it wasn't high quality or anything, my school just served Red Baron — but it was so dang good.

2. French Toast Sticks

French toast sticks are the perfect sugar boost elementary school kids need in the middle of the day, I'm sure. I feel bad for the teachers on French Toast sticks day seeing as everyone is running around on a major sugar high. Reminiscing on these sugar sticks is giving me the urge to make them myself soon and relive those cafeteria days. 

3. Corn Dog Nuggets

What's better than a corn dog? Nothing, besides corn dogs in nugget form, of course. All the kids went crazy over these and definitely for good reason. Not to mention these would make a perfect munchies snack for after a night out. 

4. Mini Milk Cartons

Everything the cafeteria served tasted better washed down with milk from a mini milk carton. Especially chocolate milk. For me, there was a rebellious feeling associated with sipping on one of these, kind of like you were disobeying your mom when she told you not to drink from the milk carton. 

5. Little Debbie Snacks

I always was sure to buy one of Little Debbie's snacks along with my meal for dessert, and more often than not, it was a Nutty Buddy. I remember debates at the long cafeteria tables about which of the packaged treats was the best (obviously the Nutty Buddy). I really hope Little Debbie is around forever because every kid deserves these heavenly snacks. 

6. Chicken Sandwiches

The chicken sandwiches were at my school's cafeteria almost every day, and they were a fan favorite and a good go-to. But they weren't any old chicken sandwiches; they were the kind that you can tell were frozen and have weird breading. Yet, everyone loved them. Anyone else get them served in red or blue checkered foil?

7. Ice Cream Cups

Everyone has to remember these infamous ice cream cups with wooden spoons. They came in the classics like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and the best one, vanilla with chocolate syrup. These were the dessert of choice both in the cafeteria and at birthday parties. 

8. Strawberry Milk

Nesquik, strawberry, chocolate, milk
dena dianati

I am not so sure how good strawberry milk would be now, but this stuff was a delicacy back in my elementary school days. My school didn't always serve it, but when they did I was sure to grab one to go along with my corn dog nuggets or French toast sticks. 

9. Giant cookies

chocolate cookie, candy, goody, pastry, cake, cookie, sweet, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

Remember those giant, soft-baked cookies in plastic sleeves? I think they only cost 75 cents, and literally everyone was obsessed with these cookies. I don't know what the cafeteria workers put in them, but they were seriously addicting.

I think one time my money card got down to zero and I had to shamelessly admit to my mom that I was buying cookies even when it wasn't my "buy" day. 

10. Pizza Dippers

I saved the best for last! These were just bread with mozzarella cheese baked into them with pizza sauce, but they were so good. The line in the cafeteria was always the longest on pizza dipper day. Seriously, does anyone know where I can buy these?

Thinking about these elementary school foods really makes me realize how old I'm getting. Good thing nap time is still socially acceptable in college.