Cereal is a staple for all–toddlers, children, working adults, and most importantly, college students. With years of experience, by the time you reach college, you know exactly which cereals to keep stocked in your dorm room at all times. But are you really doing all that you can to make your favorite breakfast–or maybe more accurately, your go-to late night dinner–a worthwhile experience? If you're using regular milk, the answer is most likely no.

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Alyssa Carter

With regular milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, original almond milk, dark chocolate almond milk, and banana milk (yes, it's a thing, and it's fire), I tried 7 popular cereals with each flavor of milk to see which combinations were the tastiest. Here's the best flavor of milk to pair with your favorite cereal.

Cocoa Puffs - Chocolate Milk

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Grace Bodkin

Everyone knows that the best part of eating Cocoa Puffs (or any other chocolate cereal) is that the milk eventually turns into chocolate milk. So why not start off your bowl like that? If Cocoa Puffs happen to be your favorite cereal, go ahead and use chocolate milk to maximize that chocolatey goodness. Banana milk is also an excellent choice if you want a chocolate covered banana experience. 

Fruity Pebbles - Strawberry Milk

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Alyssa Carter

It's really no surprise that fruit-flavored cereal pairs nicely with fruit-flavored milk. Strawberry milk gives an additional, delicate fruit flavor to the cereal without causing it to be overwhelming. If strawberry milk isn't your thing, you might have to settle for regular milk when it comes to fruity cereals.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Chocolate Milk

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Alyssa Carter

If Cinnamon Toast Crunch is your go-to cereal, definitely try it with chocolate milk. I wasn't expecting this combination to work, but it was giving me Mexican hot chocolate vibes that I was truly enjoying (but you know, without the heat). Your next best bet is to stick to regular milk.

Honey Nut Cheerios - Strawberry Milk

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Alyssa Carter

A true classic, and for good reason. You can't really go wrong when selecting a milk to go with this first-class cereal, but if you had to choose, it is absolutely delightful with strawberry milk and pairs nicely with almond milk. It's also amazing with banana milk. However, chocolate milk is too overpowering. You lose the taste of the Cheerios, and instead, it's like drinking chocolate milk with texture.

Honey Bunches of Oats - Banana Milk

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Alyssa Carter

If you thought Honey Bunches of Oats was fire before, wait until you try it with banana milk. It tastes like you cut up fresh slices of banana to put in your cereal bowl, without any of the effort. Strawberry and almond milk are also good choices when you're craving a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

Reese's Puffs - Banana Milk

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Alyssa Carter

Another delicious and robust cereal. The unique peanut butter and chocolate combination tastes good with every single flavor of milk. Chocolate milk and dark chocolate almond milk are two flavors that you have to try with this cereal. But, the best combination was by far Reese's Puffs with banana milk. I will definitely be having this blend of chocolatey, peanut buttery, banana goodness more often.

Frosted Flakes - Strawberry or Banana Milk

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Alyssa Carter

Frosted Flakes is a simple fan-favorite that needs particular flavors of milk to stand out. They're gr-r-reat (yeah, I had to) with strawberry and banana milk. Otherwise, just stick to regular milk when you want a bowl of this sugar-coated classic.

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Alyssa Carter

From doing this taste test, I've learned that regular milk is truly a waste of money. If you want to maximize your cereal experience, there are some great alternatives out there. Go ahead and stock your fridge with chocolate, strawberry, or banana milk, and enjoy the absolute best version of your favorite cereal while you finish that essay you've been putting off.