Growing up, I've always had a major sweet tooth, especially in the summer heat. I constantly crave chocolate and am a frozen yogurt addict. However, as a pre-diabetic, I have to be careful with my dessert choices. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I've searched for healthy dessert options and have luckily found many. Here are my favorite healthy summer desserts that will leave you feeling satisfied.

1. Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

As I said, I'm a frozen yogurt addict. So clearly, finding a healthy alternative was the first dessert to scope out. Fortunately, I've discovered frozen greek yogurt bars. These bars have changed the healthy summer dessert game for me. With a multitude of flavors, I never get sick of these. My personal favorite brands of greek frozen yogurt bars are Yasso and Enlightened. Without a doubt, these are a must.

2. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, cookie
Katherine Richter

Sometimes the perfect dessert is the classic cookie. With their incredible taste and texture, you'll never believe that these peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are healthy.

3. Sweet Potato Brownies

peanut butter, chocolate, candy, sweet, peanut, butter, cookie
Francesca Rinaldo

Before you think "disgusting" and disregard this one, give it a try. Many healthy brownies are made with sweet potatoes or black beans for extra protein and less fat. These sweet potato brownies are a decadent, healthy summer dessert that you'll love.

4. Nice Cream

cream, milk, sweet, chocolate, dairy product, coffee, pudding
Jocelyn Hsu

Nice cream = banana ice cream. Not only is nice cream delicious, but it is so simple to make. Throw a couple of bananas in the freezer and when you're ready, blend them up with any added flavors you desire. This mocha nice cream is the perfect way to end a hot summer day on a sweet and refreshing note.

5. Greek Yogurt Bark

sweet, chocolate, cream, dairy product, cake, pastry
Maria Serghiou

So often I find myself craving something cold with a crunch. That's why I love to make greek yogurt bark as a healthy and satisfying summer dessert. The best part is that you can customize your bark with whatever flavor yogurt and toppings that you want. 

6. Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Lissane Kafie

Another classic dessert is carrot cake. An easy way to create a healthy alternative is to make these carrot cake energy balls. Another plus is that these are no-bake so you don't have to stand over a hot oven during the summer. You're going to love these protein-packed energy balls.

7. Yogurt Covered Blueberries

meringue, cookie, candy, sweet, pastry, dough, chocolate
greta dylus

Another extremely simple recipe for a healthy summer dessert are these yogurt covered blueberries. Just dip your berries in flavored yogurt and freeze. Enjoy these sweet yogurt berries after a long summer day.

8. Chocolate Chip Muffins

chocolate, sweet, cake, cookie, pastry, muffin, goody, candy, raisin muffin
Angela Kerndl

An all time favorite dessert of mine are muffins. The gooey chocolate and crumble makes for one of the greatest deserts. With these healthy chocolate chip muffins, you'll never feel deprived.

9. Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups

chocolate, butter, cookie, peanut butter, peanut
Clare Beatty

I haven't met a single person who doesn't love a good peanut butter cup. I constantly crave the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Rather than grabbing for Reese's, I've found an incredible sugar-free peanut butter cup recipe. These rich peanut butter cups will have you shocked that they're sugar-free.

10. Smoothies

sweet, dairy product
Meg Brownley

Especially during the summer, sometimes all I need is a smoothie to satisfy my dessert sweet tooth. Finding healthy smoothie recipes and creating them into desserts is such a simple option. For a rich and filling dessert, I love this banana, chocolate, and peanut butter smoothie.

Although it seems impossible, healthy summer desserts are incredibly satisfying and easy to make. This summer, try out a couple of these desserts and I guarantee you won't go back.