Whether it be a giraffe, a sloth, a pug, or a rabbit, everyone on the internet has an animal they obsess over. With social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, there's always a place to find adorable photos of your favorite pets. I don't really care what animal I'm looking at as long as they love the same thing I do: food. Here are ten furry foodies that you're sure to fall in love with.

"Maro" the cat

This cosplaying cat lives in Japan and I won't lie, I've never been more jealous of an animal in my entire life. With drool-worthy dishes like omu-rice, sushi, and steamed pork buns, this cat is definitely living the dream. For once the saying is true: "Everybody wants to be a cat." 

"Pumpkin" the raccoon

It's time to say "goodbye" to leftover pizza. This rescued raccoon eats so well, she'll make you rethink your own eating habits. From whole avocados to mounds of blueberries, if you're looking to eat healthy, Pumpkin is the girl for you.

"Lilo" the beagle

As part of the "popular pack" (get it?) in Los Angeles, Lilo is always at the hottest restaurants and the trendiest places in town. With her constant napping and huge appetite you'll wonder if there's ever been an animal that's more "you."  

"Oatmeal" and "Calico" the hedgehogs

Sadly, this duo is now a single (R.I.P Calico), but there are still plenty of photos to look at and fall in love with. With such adorable faces, these hedgehogs are sure to find a way into your heart — and your Chinese takeout

"Piggy" and "Polly" the French bulldogs

These bulldogs eat, drink and dress better than I do. Taking the minimalist trend to the next level, these sisters only ever eat (and wear!) things that comes in shades of white, black or brown. Fellow Instagrammers, take notes. 

"Pudge" the cat

This pudgy kitty is usually asleep or surrounded by tasty treats. Combine this behaviour with her slightly wonky eyes and you'll understand why the internet has nicknamed her "stoner cat." Maybe she's been getting into the catnip? 

"Jiff" the pomeranian

With over four million Instagram followers, a cameo in a Katy Perry music video, and the ability to do a handstand, this cute lil pup is infinitely more talented than I am. He's always meeting interesting people and eating even more interesting food. All I can say is: #jealous . 

"Bikke" & "Tod" the chipmunks

It looks like Alvin, Theodore and Simon have new chipmunks to compete with. These two tiny creatures are usually outside running around, but every so often, they like to relax with some berries and the cutest (and tiniest) flowers crowns you'll ever see.

"Hamlet" the pig

Yes, that's a pig in a wig, and yes, she's as in love with tequila as I am. Hamlet, or "Hammy," is a micro-pig living it up in Los Angeles and she's got quite the appetite for food and fashion. From posing with bubble tea in a pink tutu to lounging with an espresso in total hipster attire, this little piggy is experiencing the best of both worlds.

"Popeye" the rescue dog

This popular pooch has been making tons of headlines as of late. The adorable stray was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles and quickly turned into one of the most popular foodies on Instagram. With an adorable face and even cuter outfits, Popeye is a must-follow for any pupper-lover.