Whether or not you have insomnia, it can sometimes seem impossible to fall asleep at night. The worst part about morning classes is constantly stressing yourself out by calculating how much time you have left before you have to wake up. This just leads to more tossing and turning and a restless night. Use some of these techniques to get enough sleep, beat that insomnia, and make morning classes bearable. 

1. Sleep Supplements

Knock yourself out with some sleep supplements to make sure you don't waste any time trying to fall asleep. I recommend Olly.  These are great because it's hard to keep a regular sleep routine in college. I suffer from insomnia and these help me more than any prescribed sleeping pill ever has.

2. Listening to Music

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Kelsey Coughlin

Whether it's rock, classical, or smooth jazz, music can calm down the thoughts in your head and make it easier to fall asleep. If you find sleeping with headphones uncomfortable, invest in these, which are specifically designed for sleep. 

3. Avoid Screens Before Bed

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Rebecca Block

Many college students watch TV or are on their phones before bed. The light from the screen tricks your body into thinking that it's still daytime. Turning off the lights a few hours before bed and using just a lamp can help a lot too. 

4. Exercise Early in the Day

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Abby Slanetz

If you work out too late in the day, you'll receive a metabolism boost that will make it harder to fall asleep. Plus, it's better to get the workout out of the way. While leaving the room that early in the morning may seem like a daunting task, there are plenty of exercises you can do without leaving your dorm. 

5. Take Naps (But Not Too Late in the Day)

A quick nap after your classes is both something to look forward to while sitting in a boring class and a great way to catch up on lost sleep. Try to avoid naps after 5 pm though, or else you'll have trouble falling asleep that night.  

6. Chamomile Tea

Kimberly Kao

Chamomile tea is perfect for calming you down before bed. It's warm and relaxing, and it doesn't cost a bunch of money. Never made tea before? Here are some tips. 

7. Don't Work in Bed

When you begin to associate your bed with work, it's harder to fall asleep at night. Keep your work at your desk or in the library. 

8. No Afternoon Coffee

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Ruby Siegel

I know plenty of people who drink coffee throughout the day to keep themselves awake, but it makes it almost impossible to fall asleep tonight. You shouldn't be having any coffee post-lunch. 

9. Meditate

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Marina Wollmann

Meditation is a great way to calm your thoughts right before bed. If meditation isn't your thing, journaling is a great alternative. If you're someone who has trouble meditating, some simple steps can make it a lot easier. 

10. Hot Shower/Bath

While many avid morning showerers may be against it, the heat of a shower or bath at night can be very relaxing and a great way to make falling asleep easier. Try it out yourself. 

While the best alternative may be just not scheduling any morning classes the next semester, these techniques are a great way to save time regardless. So much time in our days is wasted trying to fall asleep. This can even add up to hours on end for those with insomnia. Speeding up the process gives us more time and energy for anything we choose to pursue.