Every "The Walking Dead" fan is familiar with all the criticism that comes along with admitting to a non-fan that you watch the show: "how are they still alive," "it doesn't make sense that they haven't killed all of the zombies yet," "how do they still find food to eat?" 

The fans of "The Walking Dead" all know that we're extremely prepared for the zombie apocalypse, however, the food aspect concerned me a little. To be sure that I truly was prepared, I found every food that would still be edible if you've lived through season seven of the show.

1. Rice

risotto, cereal, rice
Jocelyn Hsu

Bland, I know. But very helpful if you're trying to outrun a zombie, as it's full of proteins and calcium

2. Soy Sauce

beer, soy sauce, sauce
Sydney Rosenstein

You'll never have to eat bland rice! Soy sauce has a long shelf life as well, as is the perfect topping for your rice.

3. Honey

molasses, tea, whisky, oil, honey, maple syrup, wine, alcohol, liquor, syrup
Stephanie Lee

The perfect snack for after you kill a zombie. It's also really helpful for health and beauty techniques! (Even though I'm sure beauty products aren't a priority in surviving an apocalypse.)

4. Dried Beans

beans, vegetable, pasture, legume, cereal
Jelani Moore

Again, not always the most delicious, but extremely easy to make, and full of fiber and proteins.

5. Powdered Milk

milkshake, dairy product, sweet, dairy, cream, yogurt, milk
Aakanksha Joshi

With all this ~delicious~ food, you're bound to be thirsty. Powdered milk lasts forever and is perfect to help you push through the next herd of zombies.

6. Liquor

syrup, maple syrup, beer, liquor, wine, whisky, alcohol
Christin Urso

Because do you really need anything else if you've lived this long in the zombie apocalypse?

7. Maple Syrup 

cake, beer, pizza
Talia Schaer

Even though you can't make waffles and pancakes with your syrup, it's better than eating straight sugar. 

8. Sugar

coffee, tea
Katie Walsh

Yup, sugar is good forever too.

9. Instant Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tea

coffee, tea
Russell Escalada

Your eternal sugar could be put to good use in your instant coffee! After a long night of zombie fighting, there's nothing like instant coffee to wake you up.

10. Vinegar

alcohol, liquor, vinegar, beer, whisky, maple syrup, oil, syrup, wine, cider, juice, mead
kelsey kushner

It could be a delicious addition to your rice and beans! However, vinegar also has a ton of other uses that could come in handy. 

I'm rooting for you in the zombie apocalypse. With this guide, you'll never go hungry! See you for season 8!