Of course, we all know vinegar can spice up an Italian sub, but did you also know that vinegar has a few more uses tucked up its sleeve?  World War I soldiers used it to heal wounds.  Helen of Troy bathed in it for relaxation.  Cleopatra even dissolved her pearls in it in order to eat her fortune in one meal.  Not only is vinegar essential in our kitchens, it has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Take a look at forty ways this timeless ingredient might just win the award for Most Fascinating Item in Our Pantries:

  1. Add to cooking liquids that tenderize meat
  2. Add to boiling water to reduce pasta’s stickiness
  3. Kill bacteria by washing vegetables and fruits with it
  4. In case your grandma comes into town, use it to clean dentures
  5. Forget the salt, use a little vinegar on your sandwiches instead.
  6. Deodorize microwaves and refrigerators.
  7. If you finally decided to clean your room, seven months into the school year, use it to get rid of scum, fungus, and mildew
  8. Add to egg whites and whip to create a fluffy meringue
  9. Mix into wash cycle to remove lint on clothes
  10. If leafy greens aren’t your thing, sprinkle some on boiled vegetables for a non-disgusting taste
  11. Pat on sunburns for relief
  12. Use to shine pennies (when you’re procrastinating from writing that history paper)
  13. Spray as air freshener on your roommate’s grungy laundry pile
  14. Sprinkle to flavor potato chips (Mmmmm. . .)
  15. If you’re hiding man’s best friend in your dorm room, spray on dogs to keep them from barking
  16. Wrap cheese in damp paper towels for preservation (and say no thank you to mold)
  17. Use to erase pen marks on hard surfaces
  18. Add to boiled water to prevent eggs from cracking
  19. Massage into your scalp in the shower to relieve dandruff
  20. Use to remove berry stains from last night’s pancake eating contest
  21. Spray to kill weeds
  22. Use it wipe windows clean
  23. Apply to hands to remove onion smell
  24. Spray apples and potatoes to slow down browning
  25. In case your weekend trip to Riverbanks leaves you the path of a skunk, spray vinegar to de-stink
  26. Use to pickle foods
  27. Spray on plants to keep cats from ruining them
  28. Use it to clean the fish bowl above your fridge that you forgot about
  29. Use as a condiment for fish and chips
  30. Polish stainless steel or copper pots
  31. Use as an ingredient to transform milk to buttermilk
  32. (Because you’ve used the excuse “there’s snow on my car” in South Carolina way too many times) spray on cars to keep frost off of the windshield
  33. Drink some apple cider vinegar to soothe a sore throat
  34. Swish in your mouth to remove bad breath
  35. Spray to get rid of anthills
  36. Wash dishes with it to remove grease
  37. Replace lemon with vinegar
  38. Mix with wine to add flavor
  39. Fill your steam iron with water and vinegar to clean it
  40. Use as a foot wash to get rid of odor