Some people choose to be dairy-free for ethical reasons, while others are forced to be dairy-free for any number of physical reasons. For the entirety of my life, I have had no choice in the matter. The most difficult time of the year is always summer, especially when friends and family are enjoying big bowls of ice cream or other frozen treats. Over the past few years, with the ongoing surge of dairy alternatives, being dairy-free during the toasty summer months has become noticeably easier. To aid in the dairy-free journeys of others, I have compiled a list of 10 delicious dairy-free frozen desserts that you should definitely try right now. 

1. Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Ben & Jerry's non-dairy frozen desserts are made with almond milk, but they are so delightful and decadent that it's difficult to tell they aren't made from cows. In addition to being rich and creamy, the pints come in some of the classic flavors that Ben & Jerry's is known for, like Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. 

2. Magnum Vegan Classic Ice Cream Bars

Magnum non-dairy ice cream bars take ice cream alternatives to a whole new level. In addition to being non-dairy, these bars are also vegan, so they are able to appeal to a wider fan base. Magnum ice cream bars are known for being luxuriously creamy, and this new product perfectly fits the bill. Made with the highest quality ingredients, the bars' velvety texture, vibrant vanilla flavors, and smooth chocolatey shell are sure to leave you satisfied. 

3. Outshine Fruit Bars

These Outshine Fruit Bars are light, fresh, and fruity. Made with real fruit and bursting with vibrant flavors, they're a great, low-calorie way to cool off on a hot summer day. Whether you're enjoying the tang of tangerine, the sweetness of strawberry, or the lusciousness of lime, there is sure to be a fruit-filled flavor that you adore. 

4. So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious specializes in dairy-free products and provides a plethora of options so that you can choose a frozen dessert made from your favorite dairy milk substitute. Whether you prefer cashew milk, oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk, there will be an product to satisfy your taste buds. Additionally, these ice cream treats are certified vegan, and some options are gluten free. The frozen desserts come in dozens of artfully crafted, unique flavors like Peanut Butter and Raspberry, Peachy Maple Pecan, and Blueberry Cardamom, and they come in a variety of forms like pints, chocolate dipped bars, sandwiches, and frozen mousse. 

5. Goodpop Orange N' Cream Bars

These all-natural, frozen pops aren't just full of vibrant flavors. Goodpop's creators strive to use their bars as a vehicle for social good. I am bringing focus to the Orange N' Cream flavor in this list because it's a delectable summer classic that practically screams summer cheer on a stick. Goodpop does a standout job recreating the requisite creamy deliciousness in a dairy-free form. Besides this flavor, however, Goodpop has plenty of delightful fruity popsicle flavors—like Watermelon Agave, Hibiscus Mint, and Strawberry Lemonade. 

6. Halo Top Ice Cream

At only 280-360 calories and 12-20 grams of protein per pint, Halo Top's dairy-free, frozen desserts are a guilt-free snack. Made with coconut milk, Halo Top's products come in a plethora of mouthwatering flavors like Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Mint Fudge Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Sea Salt Caramel. You certainly won't feel like you're missing anything when you're enjoying a big bowl of Halo Top. 

7. Tofutti Ice Cream Sandwiches 

These decadent Tofutti Cuties are irresistible and mouthwateringly delicate. They come in three scrumptious flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip. They're also made to the highest standards, which is exemplified by the fact that they're non-GMO, contain no cholesterol, and contain no butterfat. Additionally, Tofutti Cuties are great for individuals with nut allergies because the products are soy-based.

8. Häagen-Dazs Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

The premium ingredients and high quality that customers are accustomed to in dairy Häagen-Dazs carry over to their new, non-dairy collection. Whether you're enjoying the satiny-textured frozen desserts in thick flavors like Cookies and Cream, Coconut Caramel, or Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge or prefer to stick to the splendidly smooth sorbet (in Lemon, Mango, or Raspberry), you will be impressed with the depth and refined texture in these Häagen-Dazs frozen desserts. 

9. NadaMoo! Frozen Dessert

NadaMoo! is a family-owned business that uses organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and fair trade certified ingredients to make scrumptious and creamy frozen desserts with coconut milk. Whether you're digging into Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, Caramel Cold-Brew & Cookies, or Marshmallow Stardust, you will taste the difference of their premium ingredients and should rest easy knowing that you are enjoying products made by an ethically responsible business. Additionally, the company carefully curates a vast collection of dairy-free recipes using their ice creams. So, whether you are craving Vegan Doughnuts with Mint Ice Cream, Chia Seed Snickerdoodle Pudding, or a Butterbeer Shake, NadaMoo! has got you covered.

10. So Delicious Fudge Bars

While many positive attributes of the So Delicious brand were discussed earlier in the article, this suggestion is meant to bring attention to one product in particular. Fudge bars are a summer dessert classic, and they are a product I have had special difficulty finding in dairy-free form. So Delicious has done a masterful job in creating non-dairy fudge bars that are just as smooth, chocolatey, and indulgent as their dairy counterparts. Additionally, these tasty bars of happiness are only 60 calories per bar, and they have no added sugar, which makes them even more appealing on sweaty August days.

These 10 delectable dairy-free frozen desserts will hopefully make being dairy-free in the summertime a bit easier and provide you with a new favorite dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth, my favorite Spoonies!