Other than Lactaid, I struggle to find a dairy-free or lactose-free ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream. Almond milk and coconut milk substitutions tend to make ice cream a lot more icy and watery. However, this crunchy, rich, and sweet dairy-free ice cream bar is one that I would opt to eat instead of real ice cream any day.

The Brand

Allison Curley

So Delicious makes a variety of dairy-free products like ice cream, yogurt alternatives, and creamy beverages. Between cashew milk, coconut milk, and almond milk based products, dairy-free folks never have to question their options. They have seriously dedicated their time and energy to making sure that there is nothing that lactose intolerant or vegan people cannot substitute. They even have their own cool whip and tzatziki sauce. 

However, in my experience, some of their products are definitely better than others. I do not love most of their large tubs of ice cream, so I was really surprised to find one of their bars to be so much better than the rest. It became my go to freezer dessert in college. 

The Bar Itself 

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Allison Curley

Mocha almond fudge is the flavor of the dairy-free ice cream bar that I cannot stop raving about. It truly embodies that real ice cream taste along with it's perfectly portioned serving on a popsicle stick. I love that it has so much rich coffee and chocolate flavor stuffed into one tiny bar. It satisfies my sweet  tooth every time.

The outside has a big crunch full of chocolate coating and almond bits, and the inside features mocha flavored almond milk ice cream with a fudge swirl. It blends two of my favorite flavors, chocolate and coffee, perfectly with almonds. 


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Allison Curley

At under 200 calories, this dairy-free ice cream bar is a no brainer. It does have a lot of sugar, but that's what makes the size so perfect. I never have the desire to eat more than the serving size because each bar is packaged individually. So in this case, what you see on the nutrition label is what you get. 

Ice cream is always a decadent and usually fatty treat, but these bars are definitely worth it. Again, with a bar, you get that controlled portioning, so you can always know how much you are really eating. It is a perfect way to indulge without needing to eat a lot. I highly recommend these bars for anyone who is dairy-free and looking for an easy, pre-made dessert.