In November, Ben & Jerry’s let the world know they were finally hopping on the dairy-free ice cream train. Then this morning, our prayers were finally answered. The new Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream is partnering with Vegan Action to be sure they’re certified vegan which means the flavors you love without any trace of eggs, dairy, or honey.

The new non-dairy flavors include two traditional favorites and two new creations: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, Coffee Caramel Fudge, and PB & Cookies.

Ben & Jerry's

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Not only do these flavors use almond milk, but Greyston Bakery, the brownie providers for Ben & Jerry’s since 1988, created a special vegan brownie to use in the non-dairy flavors. Ben & Jerry’s will also exclusively be using fairtrade coffee, vanilla, sugar, bananas, and cocoa in their dairy-free line.

For all you lactose intolerant and vegans out there, today is a day for celebration. Finally, we can indulge in Ben & Jerry’s without feeling guilty or sick. The flavors should hit shelves soon, but until then, try making your own non-dairy ice cream at home.