I will be honest, I am not 100% Vegan. Most of my diet is vegan though, especially my desserts. I am from Chicago, where I have Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Fresh Thyme, and specialty vegan bakeries within 10 miles of my home. Now, I am in Waco, Texas where I have Target, H.E.B, and every fast food restaurant ever established in a 10-mile radius. I seriously doubted my ability to find vegan desserts when I moved here.

After an all-out search through H.E.B in the first week, I have been proved wrong: vegans do live in Texas. Here are three vegan desserts I found that I recommend. 

Nada Moo

Emilie Fruin

This "ice cream", my friends, is truly the best vegan ice cream I have had. Nada Moo is so creamy and decadent it truly makes me proud to be vegan. They have a wide choice of flavors and mine is the Chocolate Almond Crunch. The price is on the reasonable side of $4.98 a carton. Also, a bonus is that it is manufactured in Austin, Texas so its pretty fun to support a local business. 

Healthy Vegan Bites

Emilie Fruin

I don't know who Alyssa is but I would really like to meet her because she has some ridiculous talent. I have only seen these "cookies" at H.E.B and they have me coming back. What really stands out to me is that there are no dates. Now you may be thinking "What is wrong with dates?". My answer is nothing. But when almost every vegan dessert is 90% dates, I get a little annoyed.

These bites are comprised mainly of oats and rasins, but they also are full of flax seeds, chia seeds, and some maple syrup. I guess you could always make these, but I live in a dorm and I dont really want to. To buy one of these cartons you will have to pay $5.99 and you get approximately eight cookies.

#SpoonTip: If you want the full experience, throw some of these guys in the microwave for 10 seconds to make them warm and chewy. 

Cappello's Cookie Dough

Emilie Fruin

Okay, this one is expensive, BUT IT IS SO GOOD. This cookie dough is my weakness. Its made of almond flour, chocolate chips, and maple syrup (and some other stuff but you get the gist). You can pop this cookie dough in the oven or eat it straight out of the fridge. Each option is equally satisfying.

#SpoonTip: My roommate and I tried to do a "microwave cookie" recipe with this cookie dough and it DID NOT work.

These are not the only foods at H.E.B that are vegan, but they are ones that surprised me and satisfied me. Maybe you don't live by an H.E.B but you still live in an area that is not exactly "Vegan Forward" I encourage you to take some time to wander around your local markets and check for vegan options. I was honestly super surprised by my findings and I hope you will have the same luck.

If you do live near a common grocery store (i.e: Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, etc.) check out the non-dairy ice cream flavors Talenti is releasing