If you watch "Riverdale" star Madelaine Petsch's YouTube channel as much as I do, then you probably already know how down to earth she is. She loves making silly faces, goofing off with her cast mates, and just like anyone else, talking about food whenever she gets the chance.

Here's a full list of Madelaine's fave (and not-so fave) eats. Feel free to snack on any of them when catching up on her vlogs or "Riverdale."

Dairy: No

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Caroline Ingalls

Madelaine has practically eaten dairy-free her entire life, mainly due to her lactose intolerance. Still, she made the decision to become strictly vegan when she was 14, and has claimed she's felt so much healthier ever since. 

Veggie Grill: Yes

Really, it's hard to find an interview or video where the actress doesn't mention Veggie Grill. Madelaine is a HUGE fan of the LA plant-based chain, and isn't afraid to admit when she's getting another craving.   

Pressed Juice: Yes

Whenever she has an early morning on set, Madelaine likes to start her day with her favorite cold-pressed juice, with beet, apple, lemon, and ginger. But every now and then she also likes the drink in froyo form, and what better way to enjoy it than while on a date with her BF, Travis Mills?

Coffee: Yes

Juice isn't the only drink that wakes her up in the morning. Mads has mentioned she also "drinks a lot of coffee." And her go-to Starbucks order? A double tall almond milk latte.

Tea: Yes

Who says you can't love both coffee and tea? Madelaine is a big tea drinker as well. In fact, it's on her list of things to do for fun, and can't get enough of her fave flavor, Earl Grey.

Cinnamon Rolls: Yes

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Kyrstie Brown

Considering she watches dessert shows, it's pretty safe to say Mads easily gets inspired to make (and eat) her own baked goods. Cinnamon rolls just happen to be at the top of her list, and she even has a video of her baking some with her BFF, Vanessa Morgan.  

Vegan Ice Cream: Yes

Although she's never had regular ice cream before, Madelaine loves vegan ice cream, calling it her guilty pleasure. She especially loves Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy PB & Cookies (B&J, FTW).

Carrot Sticks: Yes

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Jacky Falkenberg

Working for long hours on set means Mads will get hungry eventually, and lucky for her, craft services always comes in clutch with a large assortment of snacks. Interestingly enough, she tends to go for the carrot sticks. And it makes sense; carrots are high glycemic, meaning she'll have plenty of energy for any scenes she has to shoot afterwards. 

Beets: Yes

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Despite all the vegan alternatives for sweets (and Oreos ALWAYS having been vegan), Madelaine's fave vegan snack is another veggie: beets. She likes to shave them and put them into the oven to make beet chips, and promises that they're much healthier (and yummier) than regular chips.

Pumpkin-Flavored Foods: Yes

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Madelaine is not ashamed to admit how much she loves fall and anything pumpkin-flavored, no matter how basic. Some of her faves include pumpkin-flavored coffee, vegan pumpkin cheesecake, and vegan pumpkin bread. 

For more, check out Madelaine's vlogon YouTube.