As Halloween is slowly approaching, we still can't wrap our heads around what to be. Should you be a lifeguard for the third time in a row, or is it time to be something new? Starting something fresh and new with Halloween being only a week away is a big challenge. You want to dress to impress and be able to take a worthy Instagram. In your case, Amazon Prime isn't gonna cut it and you're going to have think creatively and fast.

But, what is the best way to enjoy the Halloween spirit while STILL enjoying time with friends and family? FOOD. Halloween and the fall holidays are known for creating the best food and candy selections. From cinnamon donuts to warm apple pie, you can never go wrong with the plethora of choices. Your favorite fall meals and candy choices truly define the person you are, or more importantly, the costume you should get. From the classic witch costume to the dazed and confused high school cheerleader, there is a costume for every type of individual depending on your fall food choices.

1. Apple Cider & Donuts: Cher & Dionne

What goes together as beautifully as apple cider and donuts? You guessed it! Cher & Dionne from Clueless. If you're looking for a Halloween costume and want to pair up with your bestie then get your old suede skirt on to steal the show! Apple Cider & Donuts have so many fun recipes you can try including homemade recipes, drink specialities, and even ones that include cinnamon to top it off. Damn Delicious even has their own mashup on apple cider and donuts for the halloween festivities by adding brown sugar and nutmeg.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latté: Typical School Girl

What is the best (and laziest) way to dress up for Halloween? A typical school girl. It's just as typical as your basic Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte. A pumpkin spice latte can be created from scratch or can be made as pancakes! Your school girl outfit can be as basic as you want just like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or you can spice it up with a Pumpkin Spice Pie. You can even put your own spin on it like scones or oats combined with bananas and peanut butter. Next time you're scrambling on Amazon trying to find the last school girl skirt, have a pumpkin spice latte by your side!

3. Candy Corn: Magical Creature/Fairy

Rewind to middle school, and what was your favorite part of trick or treating? CANDY CANDY CANDY! My absolute favorite part of Halloween was when I would make a "business deal" with my friend to trade her my Reese's Pieces for her candy corn. You can never go wrong with candy corn. From its fun orange and yellow colors to its pointed white tip, candy corn is a top halloween pick. If you're looking for something that embodies the magical spirit of Halloween like the candy corn, then be a magical creature. From fairies to different Disney creatures like Tinker Bell, each and every person can immerse themselves in the Halloween magic. Because of its unique texture and shape, candy corn can be decor for cupcakes, blondies, and even magic bars.

4. Apple Pie: Angel/ Devil

What is the one costume that you can't miss out on while walking around trick or treating or enjoying a Halloween party? The angel or the devil! You can go either way depending on your mood. If you're looking to spice things up, then be a devil, but if you're looking for a more innocent side then put on your halo! Like both an angel and a devil, an apple pie can go two ways. A sweet apple pie from Grandma Ople or a spice infused apple pie. You can even make your own spice mix if you're feeling extra devilish!

5. Sweet Potato: Sweet '60s Girl

Let's rewind back to the to the '60s! Woodstock is in full swing and the disco is the place to be. What better way to honor one of the best eras in our history then dressing up as a '60s Go-go dancer? And whats as sweet as the '60s? Sweet and savory potato. As killer as a 1960s Go-go dancer, sweet potato knows how to woo a crowd. From recipes including a sweet potato salad to a casserole with marshmallows, sweet potato seals the deal. Sweet potato can even be mixed in with cinnamon as cookies. Oh, and don't forget oven baked sweet potato fries as a side dish!

6. Chili: Professional Occupation

What's something that screams responsibility and authority (oh and deliciousness!)? Your mama's hearty homemade chili. If you're searching for a halloween costume that is as in charge as your mom is in the kitchen, then be a professional occupation! From a nurse to a member of the S.W.A.T. team, their are many costumes you can select from if you want to be an authority/professional figure for the night. There are as many chili recipes as there are professional occupations including cornbread chili, beef/pork chili and a pumpkin chili recipe.

7. Sunflower Seeds: Cheetah

Something that has spots all over? Sounds like sunflower seeds to me! Or can it be a cheetah? If you're looking to find your inner spirit animal for your next Halloween party, spice it up with a Cheetah costume. Like sunflower seeds, Cheetahs have spots all over and is the fastest animal on our planet. Like the fastest animal in the world, sunflower seeds are one of the fastest meals to prepare for the fall holidays. Sunflower seeds can be additives for many recipes including a spicy carrot hummus and seedy oat crackers.  You can even roast sunflower seeds with  multigrain pilaf.

8. Butternut Squash: Witch

The most iconic image of Halloween is the legendary witch. The one that always scared you with her curled up nose and her bubbling cauldron. Yeah, her. Even though this thought can paint a scary picture, you can always spice it up and make it different. Just like the common stereotypes we have of the witch, butternut squash is a little scary, but very classic. And it can be made for the upcoming fall holidays. Butternut squash is not only meant for winter soups and stews, but can be used to create colorful flavoring and delicious meals. Butternut squash can be made as a pizza, arugula butternut squash salad and can be maple roasted topped with brown sugar and extra veggies.

9. Chopped Apple Salad with Walnuts: Basic Disney Princess

Something that screams more basic than a Pumpkin Spice Latte is a Disney princess costume. If its the last resort and all of Amazon Prime is sold out of that tight gold mini skirt, time to put on a cheap tiara and make something work. Like a Disney princess, a chopped apple salad with walnuts is the perfect meal for the most basic person. The chopped apple salad can be mixed in with bleu cheese, walnuts and almonds. You can mix and match what type of dressing you want like cranberry vinaigrette or the basic balsamic. 

10. Reese's & Kit Kats & Hershey's: Spice Girls

Halloween cannot be complete without the dynamic chocolate trio: Reese's, Kit Kats and Hershey's (oh my!). For these three to die for chocolates, the calories don't count on one day of the year: Halloween. Reese's and Kit Kats have remained America's favorite chocolates like another unforgettable group: The Spice Girls. These three halloween chocolates can be incorporated into deserts like sugar cookies , peanut butter spreads and pretzels. Kit Kats can be created as a pie, brownies and even combined with Oreo's as a bar.

So, have fun trick or treating. But, have more fun eating.