It's always a fight in my house to see who gets the last pickle in the jar. Once all the pickles are gone, then what? Most people just pour the leftover juice down the drain and recycle the bottle, or they'll save it and use it for a pickleback shot with whiskey. But what if there was a way that you could use that leftover brine? I've searched high and low to find the best ways to use pickle juice once the pickles are all gone.

Vinegar Replacement

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Christin Urso

Who doesn't love vinegar on their salad? But when you run out, what are you going to use as a replacement? Pickle juice! Vinegar is the main ingredient in pickle juice, so it's no wonder why it's so sour. Pickle brine is a mixture of equal parts cider vinegar and salt, sometimes including garlic and herbs. This is an easy substitute if you run out of vinegar for your salad or baking needs.


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Sarah Silbiger

These days, it's so simple to cut up some vegetables and put them in an empty jar of pickle juice. This is the idea of pickling. You can pickle anything, from carrots and cucumbers to even eggs (ew). No matter what you decide to pickle, there's no need to make your own brine when you can just use the leftovers from your pickles.

Meat Tenderizer/Marinade

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Ellen Gibbs

Leftover pickle juice can also be used as a meat tenderizer. The acidity of the brine helps make the meat softer and more succulent. Add it to a sauce or directly on the meat without adding any calories. The pickle juice just adds a slight vinegar taste to all forms of meat.

Flavor Enhancer

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Ellie Haun

Pickle juice can be used as a universal flavor enhancer. Add some to your BBQ sauce at your next party for that extra kick! Elevate your bland hummus with something a bit spicier with a dash of brine. If you're into juices, add a bit of brine to your vegetable juice.

Medicine Cabinet

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Alison Cassidy

Save your leftover pickle juice in the fridge so that you can use it in as a medical remedy. Pickle juice consumed after a hard workout prevents your muscles from cramping. This is because the juice helps with replacing sodium levels and electrolytes. Treat your upset stomach and heartburn with it as well. A shot of pickle juice helps balance out the pH level in your stomach, which calms the acid reflux. 

In the end, there are so many ways that we can hack leftover pickle juice. Who knows, maybe the next time you eat the last pickle, you'll save the juice and use it for your next hangover cure or PMS remedy. Who knew pickle juice had so many uses?