Everyone knows what the middle of the summer feels like --the goals for the summer are undone things of the past, and all there is left is just heat and the sun and time to spare.

This is what I like to call "the mid-summer slump" because at this point, I always run out of things to do, people to see, and shows to watch.  But after digging through the Internet, I think I've created a list of ways to keep the dreaded "mid-summer slump" away.

A List of the Ways to Keep this Summer Exciting and Fresh:

1. Explore different workout techniques.

I know what you're thinking: way to start it off with something exciting.  But honestly, working out can be tons of fun if you just discover what you're into.  Whether it's cycling at SOULCYCLE, hiking up some mountains, walking/running in your neighborhood park, or following workout videos with some friends, the ways to get fit are endless and can offer some really great times.  

2. Start a bullet journal.

Bullet journals are expressive ways to keep yourself busy this summer.  Keeping the balance between mindfulness and productivity, these journals are the perfect way to make sure your summer doesn't just fly by you.  It's the perfect place for you to plan your weeks/months however you want, and it's also an opportunity to practice your doodling for the long lectures ahead of you during the school year.

3. Try making a refreshing treat.

Who turns down ice cream? Definitely not me, especially in these summer months.  It's way too hot to be outside without something cold around, and this recipe is healthy enough to not make this idea be regrettable even in the slightest.  

4. Have friends over for a party.

Not only could it be a great way to clean up or make some fun DIYs, it could also be a mood-setter for the rest of the summer.  As the party approaches, you and your can get excited about it. Then after the party has finished, your friends can rejoice on the memories.   And it can be totally Insta-worthy.

Keep this summer going on a positive foot.   

Draw up plans, have fun, and be creative.  Take trips, make memories with the people you love or even just with yourself.  Let the world be yours to play in, and have an amazing rest of your summer!