A very popular technique for self care, journaling is a great way to reflect at the end of the day. Many think journaling is strictly writing down all of your thoughts in a composition notebook, however in actuality there are no rules. Looking for some journal inspiration? Check out these gorgeous Instagram accounts for new and creative ways to journal.

1. @digplans

This user incorporates eye-catching watercolor drawings and unique fonts into each of her free flowing journal entries. This account is like looking at a book of beautifully drawn illustrations.

2. @jose_naranja

The creator of this journal divides the pages into boxes for a more organized, but still creative journal layout. This account provides great inspiration for someone who prefers a mix of creativity and organization.

3. @bulletjournal

Ryder Carroll is the creator of the Bullet Journal, a highly organized system of journaling to efficiently plan every aspect your life. If you are constantly worried about commitments and to-dos, try this type of journaling for some peace-of-mind.

4. @artsyficialy

The creator behind these journals illustrates that you don't even have write in your journals. Instead, rip out some images from old magazines, grab some glue, and create a colorful collage.

5. @aperfectsomething

Incorporate some interesting calligraphy into your journal, inspired by this user. Check out her account for some vivid water color inspiration too.

6. @makememoriestoday

The creative mind behind this vintage-inspired journaling account demonstrates the use of fun stamps, cutouts, and pockets for keeping memories.

If there's anything to remember about journaling, it's that there are no set rules. Whether journaling is used as a self care technique or just a creative outlet, your journal should be anything you want it to be. Make it creative or convenient, whatever best suits your lifestyle.