People constantly on the move should not have to sacrifice their health and well-being because they simply don't have the time to dedicate themselves to the gym. As the generation of go-getters, we struggle with the idea that 24 hours in a day is not and never will be enough time for all of our goals, dreams, and pursuits. If you're like me, exercise tends to find itself last on your to-do list, and by the time you can even can think about working out, you're either:

1. Too exhausted to go to the gym

2. Too lazy to leave my bed, or

3. Too over the day that I refuse to even be bothered. 

But now, none of those excuses work anymore (sorry!), because a whole world of workout videos and instructors exist on YouTube. Videos can range from 5-15 minutes and leave you dripping with sweat. They don't require a lot of space (perfect for a college dorm or bedroom), and most of them don't require equipment (say goodbye to the gym). For these workouts, all you need is the will to push yourself. 

1. Sarah's Day

Sarah's Day has changed the way I look at food, nutrition, and fitness — I literally call her my Australian best friend. Her peppy and light attitude is genuinely inspiring, and her eating habits are #goals. She centers her fitness regiment on plyometrics, as she realized (through trying out many different routines) that her body responds the best to low weight high rep exercises.  

1. Sarah's Day

Her vlog style videos are so fun, but my favorite videos of her's have to be her 15-minute workouts. And, just as a plug to her immense love and commitment to her following, she just published an ebook that organizes and plans out an 8-week fitness challenge (aka eight full weeks of custom workouts) that she does with you on her Insta.

2. Blogilates

I don't think there's anyone who doesn't love Cassey. Bumbling with energy and ready to motivate, Cassey was the person that first got me hooked on YouTube workouts. She's a certified fitness instructor that posts full length, killer POP Pilates, PIIT28, and sculpting workouts. Some videos are focused on a specific body area (abs, butt, thighs), while others are full-body. And amongst all the workout videos are her empowering body positive segments.

Not only does Cassey post on YouTube, but her website is stocked with workout plans, inspo and more. Stick with her, and you will be toned, defined, and feeling great in no time. You might gain a new favorite song, too — her music choices are killer. 

3. Tone It Up

Ready to share, love, inspire, and sweat, Karena and Katrina created a program called Tone It Up. The program focuses on sculpting and toning bodies, while also offering lifestyle tips. If you've never watched them on YouTube before, you might recognize them from their show "Toned Up" which aired a couple of years ago on Bravo. Basically, these girls are pros at what they do.

They have a Bikini Series that's perfect for summer and take workouts to a whole other level with a wide range of videos, including: full body, cardio and HIIT, butt, abs, full legs, arms, yoga and stretching. 

4. Abby Pollock

All about educational fitness, Abby makes workout videos for real people looking to become their best selves in all aspects of their lives (physically and mentally). She teaches what works and what doesn't, and always focuses on injury prevention.

The time she takes to post well thought-out videos does not go unnoticed, as her honesty, knowledge, and background come through during each video. She's killing it and she'll inspire you to do the same.

5. Whitney Simmons

Alright, time to get fit with Whit! With a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, her good vibes make working out and eating right a lot easier. Her YouTube channel has segments on eating right and working out, mixed in with videos about her fitness journey (she has a past experience with cheerleading and competitive gymnastics).

Whitney is so empowering. She recognizes the gym as her escape and encourages people to do the same by sharing so much of herself online.  

6. Cristina Capron

Cristina Capron focuses on the fact that fitness is a lifelong journey — she has a slight obsession with living a healthy lifestyle. Posting about nutrition and working out for weight loss and weight gain (all geared towards women), Cristina is ready to be the fitness guru you need. Not only does she aim to connect through YouTube, she also posts her workouts on her Insta and on her app, Cristina Capron Fitness.  

Now it's time to get started! These ladies honestly have me ready to workout and move forward with a healthier lifestyle (I say after eating three slices of pizza). But their vlog-style videos all show how important it is to be balanced and to listen to your body. Working out and eating right both work in combination to make you feel good, like you are the best version of yourself. So grab your laptop and get ready. Some of these workouts are pretty ruthless, but you will come out of them feeling strong, alive, and most importantly, happy.