As the weather gets colder, we are increasingly desperate to stay warm. Once we finally get our winter coats on, it seems as though there’s still something missing. What warms us maybe even more than a winter coat? Warm foods and drinks that give you that warm comfort from within. In my article, I will outline my favorite winter-inspired goods and will share with you the restaurants that are famous for them. Trust me, you're in for a quite a treat.

1. Hot Chocolate

Nothing says winter to me like a mug of hot chocolate. Topped with marshmallows and whipped cream or enjoyed plain, you really can’t go wrong with this classic. I’ve had my fair share of Swissmiss and Nestle, but ChinChin in London, England knows a thing or two about this chocolatey drink. The base is pretty much chocolate in liquid form--which, I don’t know about you, but I really can’t say no to that. And if that’s not enough, they pipe marshmallow on top and toast it to perfection. If you are ever in London, ChinChin is a must. 

2. Grilled Cheese

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Christin Urso

Ah, a childhood classic. That crispy, buttery bread, hugging melty ooey gooey cheese. I mean, c'mon. There’s a joint down under in Sydney, Australia that puts a twist on the classic. Peter Gilmore, a chef at the Opera House swaps out basic bread with two thick slices of fresh baked brioche brushed with truffle butter. “Bennelong”, the name of the grilled cheese, is $22 worth of 5 Australian artisan cheeses and shaved black truffle. It’s grilled cheeses like these that remind me that this sandwich is just as much for grown-ups as it is for kids.

3. Apple Cider

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Emily Weaver

As the weather gets colder, nothing warms you up like a warm and hardy cup of this spiced drink. Apple cider truly warms you from the inside and gives you that wonderful Autumn feeling. My favorite way to get apple cider is at a local orchard like Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ. It is fascinating for me to experience how orchards like these are able to transform already delicious apples into a cider made with a symphony of flavors. 

4. Mac & Cheese

Arguably one of the most "instagram worthy" meals, mac & cheese never really gets old...especially when it’s loaded with a variety of cheeses. One of my favorite places to get some wicked good mac is at The Smith in NYC. From the golden brown crust to the cheesy goodness hidden below, you really can't go wrong. If you 're ever in NYC, I would definitely be sure to stop by.

5. Fresh Baked Cookies

Warm, buttery cookies on a cold day. Now to me, nothing beats that. As a cookie fanatic, I am always looking for new bakeries that know a thing or two about this delicious dessert. One of the most popular cookie spots in the North is Chip NYC, located in New York City. This cookie company definitely does not mess around. They are known for serving huge cookies with a crispy, baked exterior and a soft and gooey inside that melts in your mouth. The best part? They are always served warm, right out of the oven. Now Winter jackets are great, but these cookies are definitely a delicious alternative to staying warm.