I fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-love the holidays! But it seems I need to buy a gift for everyone during this time of year–my family, my friends, even my neighbor's dog. There is always a gift exchange to attend, and then there's the hard-to-buy-for relative or the has-everything-wants-nothing friend who each need a gift, too. But what should you give them?

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Jocelyn Hsu

For the person you know but not too well:

Give them  "hot cocoa in a jar". This sweet gift is something everyone will enjoy. Add a cute mug, and now the recipient has something they will use during the cold winter months to make both hot cocoa and a cozy holiday memory. 

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Emma Salters

Or give them a classic holiday movie like Elf as well as holiday-themed popcorn for them to enjoy a fun, winter-themed movie night. 

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Sara Carte

For the person with whom you want some quality time:

Give them a cooking class to attend together.  In the future, you can cook these recipes again and reminisce about both the fun experience and the delicious food you two shared during the cooking class. 

Walker Foehl

Or, if you can't find a cooking class that seems to suit them, give them a basket of ingredients for their favorite dish, and set a date in the near future for the two of you to make it together. 

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Amy Dong

Another idea is to give them a local tour featuring their favorite food. If your friend, significant other or family member absolutely adores ice cream, take them around your city one day and treat them to ice cream at all the different local places. It creates a memory with a special person and a food they love. 

Liyi Straly

You can also give them a certificate for a winter picnic. You'll bring over the food and warm cocoa, and you can have an indoor picnic together while watching the winter snow fall outside. 

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Kristine Mahan

You no longer need to stress about finding thoughtful, non-cliché presents for everyone who made the nice list this year. You'll spend quality time with loved ones and create memorable experiences together, which is what truly matters. So keep rockin' around the Christmas tree, and have a happy holiday!